Bahrain Testing

Sahkir (Bahrain) 22-27 Feb

(Testing continues next week)
Feb: Kimi continued his work from yesterday which ended with a
car problem though the exact cause hadn’t been disclosed. He practised
some pitstop work and went 3rd fastest in the morning with a 1.32.100
after 42 laps, though he suffered a gear box failure around mid-day.
Alonso in the McLaren went 2 seconds ahead of second
place Kovalainen with a time of 1.30.992.
Suprisingly, the
times between Kovalainen and 12th place man Davidson in the Aguri Honda
are only separated by half a second! Hopefully it’s an indicator of
increased competition in F1 2007!
McLaren are presumably still
dialling in the right settings for the Australian GP, however Alonso also stopped on track with an oil leak and Hamilton had some electrical glitch. BMW were also troubled with electrical problems.

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The Ferrari drivers carried out long run tests for Ferrari’s 056 engine, the team stating
they covered more than double a race weekend distance – which also
included a Grand Prix simulation with pitstops, various set-up changes
and a comparison of various mechanical components.

Feb: BMW’s Heidfeld set the pace early this morning with 1.30.475 secs.
The grid is much different compared to yesterday’s with Alonso up in
the top 3 and the Ferrari’s around the mid top-10, Kimi being the
fastest of the two. Massa stopped on track with a transmission failure.


Feb: Today at Bahrain, Kimi has so far lapped around 47 laps with a
best time of 1.31.901 secs, with Massa leading the sheets with
1.31.766. McLaren have some new aero specifications on their sidepods
and have so far gone 4th and 6th quickest with Hamilton and de la Rosa.
Barrichello and Button in their Honda cars trailed behind the Ferrari’s
in 3rd and 5th quickest, thought Barrichello came close to second
behind Massa earlier.
Kimi and Felipe were focused today on
an intensive technical
programme, built around endurance, set-up and electronics testing.
Testing continues at this circuit tomorrow, once again with Massa and Raikkonen on track.

Pos Driver Team Time Laps

1. Massa Ferrari (B) 1:31.766 86
2. Raikkonen Ferrari (B) 1:31.901 47
3. Button Honda (B) 1:32.099 83
4. Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes (B) 1:32.182 83
5. Barrichello Honda (B) 1:32.57
0 101
6. de la Rosa McLaren-Mercedes (B) 1:32.621 47
7. Vettel BMW-Sauber (B) 1:32.652 104
8. Trulli Toyota (B) 1:32.787 33

9. Heidfeld BMW-Sauber (B) 1:32.810 49
10. Davidson Super Aguri-Honda (B) 1:32.396 76

11. Kovalainen Renault (B) 1:33.139 113
12. Piquet Renault (B) 1:33.816 92

13. Webber Williams-Toyota (B) 1:34.077 27
14. Coulthard Red Bull-Renault (B) 1:34.595 31
15. R.Schumacher Toyota (B) 1:35.265 35
16. Liuzzi Toro Rosso-Ferrari (B) 1:36.345 25
(All Timing Unofficial)

Photography: credits to Sutton Images.
Kimi chilling, naughty! Get back on track awight! Hehe, actually considering he was 2nd fastest with only 45 laps done, not bad!

(Kimi Raikkonen Space)

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