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kimi-raikkonen-itagp-050915-krs1PRACTICE THREE

Rain fell overnight and up to the morning at the Monza circuit, but it didn’t get in the way of work in the recently concluded third free practice session for the Italian Grand Prix. Sebastian Vettel was second fastest for Ferrari with a 1.24.808, splitting the Mercedes duo of Lewis Hamilton (1.24.544) and Nico Rosberg (1.24.843.) In the other SF15-T, Kimi Raikkonen was seventh in 1.25.244. After setting out on the Medium tyres on a still damp track, the two Ferrari men, who were evaluating different set-ups, ended the session on the soft compound, once the sun appeared and the track gradually dried out. [via]

FP3 Times:

Pos Driver Car Gap Laps
1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1m24.544s 18
2 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 0.264s 12
3 Nico Rosberg Mercedes 0.299s 19
4 Valtteri Bottas Williams/Mercedes 0.402s 14
5 Felipe Massa Williams/Mercedes 0.621s 14
6 Pastor Maldonado Lotus/Mercedes 0.698s 11
7 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 0.700s 13
8 Sergio Perez Force India/Mercedes 0.971s 14
9 Marcus Ericsson Sauber/Ferrari 1.148s 17
10 Romain Grosjean Lotus/Mercedes 1.203s 8
11 Felipe Nasr Sauber/Ferrari 1.368s 17
12 Nico Hulkenberg Force India/Mercedes 1.597s 13
13 Fernando Alonso McLaren/Honda 2.088s 9
14 Jenson Button McLaren/Honda 2.206s 14
15 Will Stevens Marussia/Ferrari 3.579s 13
16 Max Verstappen Toro Rosso/Renault 3.671s 25
17 Daniil Kvyat Red Bull/Renault 4.047s 10
18 Carlos Sainz Toro Rosso/Renault 4.084s 23
19 Roberto Merhi Marussia/Ferrari 4.573s 11
20 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull/Renault 5.356s 7



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Kimi: experience counts for little in F1 now


kimi-raikkonen-itagp-030915-krs16Kimi Raikkonen says his experience in F1 counts for little despite currently being the oldest driver on the grid.

Ferrari opted to retain Raikkonen for 2016, which will take the Finn in to his 14th season in F1. Raikkonen will turn 36 next month, but he feels his added experience compared to a number of drivers in the sport gives him little advantage.

“Has it changed me a lot? I don’t think it has changed my driving at all,” Raikkonen said. “With age you get some experience, but does it count much in F1? I don’t know. I don’t feel that I have changed as a driver and how I do my stuff.

“Hopefully life goes on and things keep changing, but I don’t see any difference in how I’m driving now and five years ago. Things have changed in the sport itself more than in me.”

Asked why his experience is not a big help, Raikkonen says it is due to the way the sport has evolved to rely more on simulation.

“When I came into F1 it probably made more difference than these days. It has changed a lot because there is not as much testing, but there are a lot more things you can use to get yourself prepared.

“The easiest way to compare is if I compare this to rallying, because the experience in F1 doesn’t really make much difference but in a rally it’s the biggest thing that will help you and make you faster and finish the rally. If I just go by those things, experience in F1 counts for nothing compared to that.”

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kimi-raikkonen-itagp-040915-krs3PRACTICE TWO

In the second free practice session for the Italian Grand Prix the SF15-Ts of Sebastian Vettel (1:25.038) and Kimi Raikkonen (1:25.380) set the third and sixth fastest times respectively. The team focused on long runs and tyre testing, in preparation for qualifying and the race. Fastest was Lewis Hamilton (1.24.279) followed by his Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg (1.24.300.) [via]

FP2 Times:

Pos Driver Car Gap Laps
1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1m24.279s 27
2 Nico Rosberg Mercedes 0.021s 35
3 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 0.759s 36
4 Sergio Perez Force India/Mercedes 0.999s 34
5 Nico Hulkenberg Force India/Mercedes 1.046s 43
6 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1.101s 39
7 Romain Grosjean Lotus/Mercedes 1.218s 41
8 Pastor Maldonado Lotus/Mercedes 1.234s 41
9 Valtteri Bottas Williams/Mercedes 1.368s 34
10 Felipe Massa Williams/Mercedes 1.612s 31
11 Felipe Nasr Sauber/Ferrari 1.835s 30
12 Marcus Ericsson Sauber/Ferrari 1.854s 32
13 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull/Renault 1.943s 27
14 Max Verstappen Toro Rosso/Renault 2.175s 38
15 Carlos Sainz Toro Rosso/Renault 2.362s 50
16 Fernando Alonso McLaren/Honda 2.687s 31
17 Will Stevens Marussia/Ferrari 3.922s 29
18 Roberto Merhi Marussia/Ferrari 4.160s 27
19 Jenson Button McLaren/Honda 4.192s 3
20 Daniil Kvyat Red Bull/Renault 4.444s 28


The first free practice session just ended at the Monza circuit marks the official start of the Italian Grand Prix weekend, the twelfth round of the season and the 79th to be held at this track. Quickest were the Mercedes duo of Lewis Hamilton (1.24.670) and Nico Rosberg (1.25.133), ahead of the Ferrari of Sebastian Vettel (1.26.258). In the other SF15-T, Kimi Raikkonen was sixth with a 1.26.783. Both Ferrari drivers spent the session working through a busy programme of aero measurements, brake system checks and set-up work, as well as trying a few practice starts. They each used two sets of the Medium tyre and will be back on track for the usual afternoon session at 2pm. [via]

FP1 Times:

Pos Driver Car Time Gap Laps
1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1m24.670s 25
2 Nico Rosberg Mercedes 1m25.133s 0.463s 22
3 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1m26.258s 1.588s 17
4 Nico Hulkenberg Force India/Mercedes 1m26.612s 1.942s 19
5 Sergio Perez Force India/Mercedes 1m26.730s 2.060s 29
6 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1m26.783s 2.113s 16
7 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull/Renault 1m26.922s 2.252s 27
8 Felipe Massa Williams/Mercedes 1m26.936s 2.266s 22
9 Valtteri Bottas Williams/Mercedes 1m27.075s 2.405s 25
10 Pastor Maldonado Lotus/Mercedes 1m27.118s 2.448s 28
11 Felipe Nasr Sauber/Ferrari 1m27.232s 2.562s 21
12 Daniil Kvyat Red Bull/Renault 1m27.275s 2.605s 29
13 Marcus Ericsson Sauber/Ferrari 1m27.454s 2.784s 17
14 Max Verstappen Toro Rosso/Renault 1m27.591s 2.921s 27
15 Jolyon Palmer Lotus/Mercedes 1m27.669s 2.999s 28
16 Carlos Sainz Toro Rosso/Renault 1m27.907s 3.237s 8
17 Fernando Alonso McLaren/Honda 1m28.023s 3.353s 11
18 Jenson Button McLaren/Honda 1m28.423s 3.753s 12
19 Will Stevens Marussia/Ferrari 1m29.853s 5.183s 22
20 Roberto Merhi Marussia/Ferrari 1m29.911s 5.241s 12


Kimi unfazed but not totally happy“It was a very normal Friday, the sessions were running smoothly and we had no issues. I was not very happy with my driving, we have to fix a couple of things and then, like in any other race, we’ll have some work to do to try to improve and find the right set up for tomorrow and Sunday. I did not have the time to see what the others were doing today, we did our own things and hopefully we can have a good weekend in front of all our tifosi.”



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Thursday in Italy



Kimi delighted to be at Monza again – It’s difficult to say how things will go here, this is the first real low downforce circuit and we have to wait until tomorrow practice to see roughly where we are. It would be nice to have a good weekend, in our home race, in front of our fans. For me none of the past races here in Monza have been ideal, my aim is always to win. Quite often I have had some good speed but something always happened and I couldn’t be on the top. It’s always nice to come to Monza, it has a lot of history and it would be a shame not to come back to this place. We’ll try our best to offer a good result to the fans. [via]


Kimi Visits Ferrari Store in Milan

Hundreds of fans queued outside of Ferrari store waiting for the arrival of the Formula 1 driver. Ferrari fans from near and far began queuing early this the morning in anticipation of Kimi Räikkönen’s appearance at the Ferrari Store. On the eve of the Monza Grand Prix, the Formula 1 driver visited the recently opened Ferrari Store in central Milan to greet staff and fans. Kimi enjoyed seeing the store for the first time and got behind the wheel of one of the Formula 1 simulators available to customers in the store’s Simulator Center on the lower-ground floor. Of the five different circuits (Monza, Imola, Mugello, Silverstone and Nürburgring) available, naturally Kimi chose to have a go on the Monza track to warm up for the weekend’s race. Afterwards, the driver took the time to sign hundereds of autographs and greet fans of all ages.

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