Return of the Bwoah

What’s a better way to celebrate St. Valentines other than with your beloved… STEERING WHEEL!

Bwoah, perhaps it’s riding out your Formula 1 car with the hand-held device, namely the Alfa Romeo Racing 2019 contender dressed in a very special way… black, red, hearts…. oooo I see where this is going… *EXPLICIT CONTENT DELETED*

Here are however some romantic moments caught earlier at the Fiorano track (more images are available here) and the car raised a lot of questions on it’s design, in particular the front wing, with a few desiring to see it’s rear end instead… as you can imagine. Bunch of animals.

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Kimi’s teammate Antonio Giovinazzi made a quick dash to the airport before the shakedown to collect a very important item, perhaps some roses too, so Kimi could be in union with the machine.

Watch and listen to the first glimpse of Kimi’s 2019 F1 car in action:

Here is Kimi’s helmet for the day. He has opted for a white canvas with a deep red/maroon metallic base on the front visor area, with fluorescent red detailing on the sides and above where his logo is placed. The back seems to be white but we’re yet to see it in full. We will see the actual 2019 livery and helmet designs on Monday on the official launch of the 2019 Alfa Romeo Racing team.

Here’s what the driver and team had to say:

“We had a good session on track,” said Räikkönen after the day’s shakedown.

“The car felt good and I was able to get a first impression of the car we will be running this season. We will work on the last few details and head to Barcelona for two weeks of testing. I look forward to getting to know the car better there.”

Alfa Romeo Racing technical director Simone Resta added: “After a long winter we are happy to be on track with our new car for the first time. The focus of our work today was on aerodynamic, set-up and cooling checks.

“We ran for a total of 33 laps and will use our data to establish how the new regulations will affect the behaviour of our car. The next two weeks which we will spend in Barcelona will be busy and will concentrate on proving the car’s reliability and performance.”

At the end of the day, the Iceman posted on Instagram that he is “back in business.” Keep Flying Kimi.

It doesn’t matter what steering wheel, Kimi just lights up at the sight of any… as this video will show from a day earlier of Kimi having fun in a classic Alfa with Antonio almost beside himself having a joker and driver like Kimi as his teammate:

3 thoughts on “Return of the Bwoah

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  2. I’m just happy Kimi did not retire. F1 would definitely not have been the same!


    1. Hi Christian! Same! But I was so fed up of him at Ferrari that I wanted him to retire and live his family life. But now that he has kinda seen past the Red, and wants to race in another team, I’m all for it! Reminds me of his Lotus days. Just hoping that he can be competitive and not be hindered by technical/car issues all year.


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