Kimi – Maailmanmestari! 7th Anniversary


Seven is quite a special number and not just because it’s Kimi’s racing number (ok, maybe he makes it cooler than it already is). In Biblical terms and eschatology (the study of the end of times), seven has a special symbolic significance.

Also in numerology, seven’s description is quite symmetrical with Kimi’s personality, although not entirely (but that makes Kimi unique). 7’s are secretive, mysterious, stand-offish, intuitive and introspective. An unworldly attitude means most 7’s need to be ‘protected’, and that’s a coincidence when you read about the design behind Kimi’s helmet. His mark is based on the rune Algiz which means ‘protection’. A quick googling of the number seven will enlighten you (unless you’re not impressed by superstitious theories), I won’t blab on about it here but get to the point of this post:


So today is the 7th anniversary of Kimi’s F1 world championship victory so it is extra special. Seven years ago on 21st October 2007, Kimi became one of the very few drivers to win the title on their debut season with Ferrari, beating McLaren rivals Hamilton and Alonso by a single point in the final race at Brazil. It was an unforgettable season for the fans and the most special day in Raikkonen’s career.

Maailmanmestari, Finnish tongue for The World Champion, has given us 12 seasons in Formula 1, but thankfully for us fans we have more to look forward to next year and possibly beyond. This season is well and truly the most dismal of Raikkonen’s career but then again… so is the car! We believe he hasn’t lost talent or speed and he will be back! #ForzaKimi #Kimi7 #KeepFlyingKimi etc etc… all the supportive hashtags you deem relevant.

Here’s a nicely combined round-up of Kimi’s F1 career achievements to date (‘The Iceman Profile’ kindly provided by @SportExtraHD)
B0J5ZG3IUAA5ECZ.png large

To remember just why we love Kimi Raikkonen (and mostly to cheer you guys up during our frustrating season) revisit the entire Brazil GP 2007 weekend in pictures here! And here are videos below – be warned of imminent nostalgia overload!

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