In the second free practice session for Sunday’s Canadian Grand Prix, Scuderia Ferrari continued a busy programme of evaluation of the latest updates fitted to the F14 T, which got underway this morning. In the second 90 minutes of the day, Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen split the work, the Finn trying parts the Spaniard had used in the morning and vice versa.

Having solved the problems that had slowed him in the morning, Kimi set the fourth fastest time of 1.16.648 on the Supersofts, 53 thousandths quicker than Fernando who was fifth. Raikkonen completed 31 laps, Alonso 27. The Mercedes duo were quickest, with Lewis Hamilton posting a 1.16.118 and Nico Rosberg doing a 1.16.293. Sebastian Vettel was third for Red Bull in 1.16.573. Behind the Prancing Horse duo came Massa, Bottas and Magnussen.

Like most teams, Scuderia Ferrari spent the final thirty minutes of the session working on a long run test, in preparation for the race. Here again, the two men split the workload, with Alonso starting off on the Supersoft tyres, while Raikkonen opted for the Soft, before switching to the softer compound at the end. As usual, Saturday’s programme features the third free practice session in the morning, with qualifying taking place in the afternoon.

The Finn also suffered a spin after losing his Ferrari on the power at the exit of the hairpin while on super-softs, although this was after he had posted his quickest time.

FP2 Times:

Pos  Driver             Team/Car              Time       Gap       Laps
 1.  Lewis Hamilton     Mercedes              1m16.118s            42
 2.  Nico Rosberg       Mercedes              1m16.293s  +0.175s   39
 3.  Sebastian Vettel   Red Bull-Renault      1m16.573s  +0.455s   26
 4.  Kimi Raikkonen     Ferrari               1m16.648s  +0.530s   31
 5.  Fernando Alonso    Ferrari               1m16.701s  +0.583s   27
 6.  Felipe Massa       Williams-Mercedes     1m16.774s  +0.656s   37
 7.  Valtteri Bottas    Williams-Mercedes     1m16.893s  +0.775s   37
 8.  Kevin Magnussen    McLaren-Mercedes      1m17.052s  +0.934s   42
 9.  Jenson Button      McLaren-Mercedes      1m17.059s  +0.941s   38
10.  Jean-Eric Vergne   Toro Rosso-Renault    1m17.180s  +1.062s   40
11.  Romain Grosjean    Lotus-Renault         1m17.626s  +1.508s   28
12.  Daniel Ricciardo   Red Bull-Renault      1m17.644s  +1.526s   36
13.  Nico Hulkenberg    Force India-Mercedes  1m17.712s  +1.594s   35
14.  Sergio Perez       Force India-Mercedes  1m17.819s  +1.701s   33
15.  Pastor Maldonado   Lotus-Renault         1m17.868s  +1.750s   27
16.  Adrian Sutil       Sauber-Ferrari        1m17.964s  +1.846s   47
17.  Esteban Gutierrez  Sauber-Ferrari        1m18.340s  +2.222s   43
18.  Max Chilton        Marussia-Ferrari      1m18.693s  +2.575s   34
19.  Daniil Kvyat       Toro Rosso-Renault    1m18.732s  +2.614s   9
20.  Kamui Kobayashi    Caterham-Renault      1m20.244s  +4.126s   38
21.  Marcus Ericsson    Caterham-Renault      1m22.418s  +6.300s   13
22.  Jules Bianchi      Marussia-Ferrari      1m32.127s  +16.009s  3


Kimi Raikkonen: “Like every Friday, today’s programme centred on looking at different set-ups in the first session and a race simulation with both compounds in the second one. This morning, because of a problem on my car, I was unable to run as much as planned and that’s never a good thing, because getting in plenty of laps is very important. Thanks to speedy work from the team, in the afternoon, we managed to make up for the run lost in the morning and even if it’s too early to make predictions, overall, it didn’t go badly and by the end of the day my feeling with the car had improved. I am still not 100% happy with the handling of the F14 T, but I am sure that an analysis of the data we gathered will point us in the right direction for qualifying and the race.”

Pat Fry: “We had a particularly busy day in our garage today. What might have looked like two normal practice sessions were actually particularly demanding for the engineers and mechanics, because of several problems, albeit small ones, that affected the running of our programme. However, the number of laps completed by both drivers was enough to get the necessary information to carry out the job of fine tuning the cars. There were two sides to the programme, evaluating the updates introduced for this race and comparing the two compounds, the Soft and Supersoft, brought here by Pirelli. As usual here in Canada, the track is very dirty and that affects grip levels. On this front, we can expect a significant improvement over the course of the weekend. We have to keep that in mind when working on set-up and also when assessing tyre degradation. This latter factor, along with managing fuel consumption, will play an important part in qualifying and in the race, given that temperatures are expected to rise over Saturday and again on Sunday. It’s always difficult to make predictions on Friday because the relative performance level of the teams has yet to be assessed. We will try and give Kimi and Fernando the best possible package and then we will see what results that can deliver.”


The first free practice session this Friday of the Canadian Grand Prix was a busy one for Scuderia Ferrari. There were various new parts to evaluate on the F14 Ts. Fernando Alonso was fastest in 1.17.238, while Kimi Raikkonen was ninth with a 1.18.578.

Fernando had a trouble free session, covering 21 laps in his F14 T. Kimi Raikkonen had a glitch to deal with, unable to use the power unit to its full extent at the start of the session. The Finn completed 15 laps.

FP1 Times:

Pos Driver                Team                  Time      Gap      Laps
 1. Fernando Alonso       Ferrari               1m17.238s           21
 2. Lewis Hamilton        Mercedes              1m17.254s  +0.016s  25
 3. Nico Rosberg          Mercedes              1m17.384s  +0.146s  32
 4. Sebastian Vettel      Red Bull-Renault      1m18.131s  +0.893s  28
 5. Valtteri Bottas       Williams-Mercedes     1m18.361s  +1.123s  20
 6. Daniel Ricciardo      Red Bull-Renault      1m18.435s  +1.197s  26
 7. Jenson Button         McLaren-Mercedes      1m18.446s  +1.208s  33
 8. Kevin Magnussen       McLaren-Mercedes      1m18.514s  +1.276s  31
 9. Kimi Raikkonen        Ferrari               1m18.578s  +1.340s  15
10. Jean-Eric Vergne      Toro Rosso-Renault    1m18.643s  +1.405s  14
11. Nico Hulkenberg       Force India-Mercedes  1m18.733s  +1.495s  30
12. Sergio Perez          Force India-Mercedes  1m18.959s  +1.721s  22
13. Adrian Sutil          Sauber-Ferrari        1m19.108s  +1.870s  24
14. Romain Grosjean       Lotus-Renault         1m19.142s  +1.904s  32
15. Daniil Kvyat          Toro Rosso-Renault    1m19.177s  +1.939s  21
16. Pastor Maldonado      Lotus-Renault         1m19.340s  +2.102s  37
17. Felipe Massa          Williams-Mercedes     1m19.575s  +2.337s  7
18. Esteban Gutierrez     Sauber-Ferrari        1m19.804s  +2.566s  15
19. Jules Bianchi         Marussia-Ferrari      1m20.200s  +2.962s  15
20. Max Chilton           Marussia-Ferrari      1m20.844s  +3.606s  26
21. Marcus Ericsson       Caterham-Renault      1m21.404s  +4.166s  33
22. Alexander Rossi       Caterham-Renault      1m21.757s  +4.519s  27


  1. So pleased to see our man doing progress and happy to hear that the team has reacted and giving support to Spagnolo. I’m sure he is good but not ready yet to handle such a big task. I don’t know how old David is but I guess he’s about Kimi’s age and experience so communication should be better and more straightforward.


  2. Its just unbelievable how the mainstream media treats kimi. Nobody has to endure more s**t than kimi has to do week in and week out.
    Jenson Button for example has achieved nothing in the last few years but never gets criticized, hamilton’s first year at mercedes was considered “a year of transition”. Alonso almost always gets the immunity card from critics.
    I admit that kimi has had a difficult start but the media has been radically bias towards him….maybe on a different level but I see vettel, a 4 time champ! btw, somtimes gets the same level of negativity..


  3. Absolutely agree with what you are saying…i’m just waiting for kimi to get a podium…i think it will then be a start of good consistent result…more than Kimi’s must be very difficult for kimi to just carry on with his work due to so much bad luck..but in this…his motivation can also be seen..which is very high…i’m sure kimi will bounce back stronger..hopefully this race..Keep flyin Kimi 🙂 #Kimi200


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