Jerez Day 1: Kimi’s Quotes

This slideshow requires JavaScript. – Kimi Raikkonen: “For sure everybody wants to see more laps and we want to do more laps, but it is pretty normal with such a big change. It will take a little bit of time before we can run 100 per cent all the time and not have issues.

I think we have started pretty okay. I think the biggest challenge is getting all the new stuff working as we want, and working together. It is much trickier than what we are used to, but from the driving side I don’t think it is an awful lot different.

It is just the first day with all new stuff so it takes time to get things up to speed. One day to go, a lot of work to do, we know that. But we expected these first test days to learn things, so I really don’t feel like it is such a big difference to this year or any previous one.” “We had a lot of new things to learn today. Even if we would have liked to do more laps, I think that for a first day it was alright. Towards the end, when the track was damp, we chose not to take any risks. Now we have a lot of work ahead of us, but all in all, we are pleased with our first day.”

“Overall, we can say it was a good start. We have a solid base from which to work over the coming days. The times from this test mean nothing and we will only begin to understand something only in Bahrain. The cars are much slower? It’s pointless making comparisons with the past because everything is completely different.”

328_KRSSky Sports: “It’s just the first day, there is still a long way to go,” he told reporters. “Lap times don’t mean anything, I was just learning about the car. We have started ok.. As I’ve said before, I’ve been here before and I know most of the people. It’s just a different team from last year, it’s not a new team.”

On Twitter:

@f1zone Kimi on whether it was emotional to drive out of the garage in a Ferrari again: “No, not really”

@adamcooperf1 Kimi Raikkonen on his new car and new rules: “In an ideal world I think there would probably be less buttons to push…”


Sky Sports interview with Kimi

2 thoughts on “Jerez Day 1: Kimi’s Quotes

  1. So far so good 🙂


  2. I noticed Ted Kravitz (Sky F1 “Ted’s Notebook) misrepresented Kimi’s comments and interpreted them (wrongly I think) to suit himself, so Sky commentators are obviously keeping up their reputation for stirring up trouble like gossipy old women – no wonder Kimi has no time for the media! Good start from the Iceman though – looks promising.


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