F1Racing: Kimi answers your questions…

Hey guys, I received my August issue of F1Racing today and it features the ‘You Ask The Questions’ with Kimi Raikkonen! My question wasn’t included but Shane Wood’s was more or less the same thing, so I’m thrilled to know Kimi mostly drives and prefers a Volkswagen Multivan! Hahahahaha! Great questions and answers so I couldn’t help but share these scans. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “F1Racing: Kimi answers your questions…

  1. thx a lot Saima, so impaitent to read it, thx


  2. See, Kimi is actually just like ‘one of the boys’.

    I cant believe he was easy to answer the question from someone asking if he would go out with her. His marriage is now clearly over to Jenni.

    I wonder who he will date now? Any takers? LOL


  3. I’ll go for Nicole if i was him LOL. I’m not sure other drivers can be as honest as Kimi. Quite frustrating when he replies briefly though, can’t believe that ur question hasn’t been included Saima. The Volkswagen Multivan choice is too funny, both a compliment and criticism to the car LOL. Luca Di Montzemolo will surely like the answer Lol. For that same question I’m sure Alonso would have replied ‘Ferrari, Lewis ‘Mercedes’, Jenson ‘Mclaren’ n so on, but Kimi is his own man. Still laughing for the Brazil/Pele question Hahahaha. I think its the first time Kimi admits he smokes. I think the ‘sometimes’ means ‘more than one daily’ Lol. He could have replied ‘no’, thats what makes him so unique.


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