Kimi’s Column: British GP Preview

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The race of the season

It’s always really nice to start practise in Silverstone. It’s a circuit, where you really enjoy driving a Formula One car. The flowing nature of the real fast lap gives always something extra for the driver.

Obviously, this is the most important race weekend for the team. It’s our home race, while the factory is near-by, and the Enstone people with their families can come and enjoy the atmosphere with us.

All we want is to give a good show and I have a good feeling, we should be able to fight in the front after a couple of not that strong races.

At least, the hopes are high. We have some interesting new parts for the car. Hopefully we will get good weather to test them properly on Friday. If everything goes well, we should have a competitive car for Silverstone-type of a circuit.

We were strong in Barcelona, and Silverstone should suit us as well as the the Spanish track.

It’s time to stop losing ground to the leaders. We have lost 40 points to them in the last two races. That just shows, how quickly things can change in the modern F1. But the main focus now is to get back closer the front. We have had our share of poor results, so I suppose, that will happen to all of us, sooner or later during the season.

We have to be ready to attack, if the leaders have their share of problems. All in all, we have to patient, do our best – and start getting podiums again.

5 thoughts on “Kimi’s Column: British GP Preview

  1. Just had a look on the weather forecast for the GP on the f1 website, its not good for us. Rain supposedly for the 1st two days n dry for the race. I’m sure the upgrades brought by Lotus will improve the car but it will be useless if it rains. A quali on a dry track is vital for a good result on Sunday, otherwise it might end up like Canada, i dn’t want to watch that kind of race again. However, the tyre degradation should be higher than in Montreal if the sun is present as expected on race day. Haven’t seen rain on Wimbledon since Monday, hopefully it goes on. Kimi’s rivals should be the usual suspects, the one to beat for me is Alonso. Nonetheless we can be quite optimistic if Kimi made it in the top 5 on the grid.


    1. Kimi should be ok even if it rains, it’s just the car upgrades that need to work….


      1. Kimi may be decent in the rain, but the E20&E21 have both been mediocre at best in the wet. Worst possible scenario is a wet race. This type of track in the dry suits the E21 and Lotus needs to capitalize quickly if they plan to stay in this title fight.


  2. Hope ur right Saima but i’ll be very much surprised. The last time i remember a good result of Kimi on the wet is China 07 n Fuji 07, guess the lack of heat in tyres hurt much in wet conditions n it didn’t give Kimi the confidence to drive to his maximum. Agree with Aegis, this kind of track on the dry should suit the E21 n Kimi really likes this track, he was sublime n impressive in 2005 especially in the first corner.


  3. just learn that Kimi wasn’t present at the store, sooo sorry 4 u Saima


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