Kimi’s First F1 Race

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Kimi Raikkonen’s first F1 race was the 2001 Australian GP in Melbourne. In his first qualifying session he managed to take 13th spot, with his teammate Nick Heidfeld starting only three places further up. It was a good start.

The pitlane was about to open for the race and teams had 15 mins to send the cars out to take their positions to the grid. Barely 5 mins before this, the team looked for Kimi who wasn’t to be found in the garage.

“It was 5 mins to go until the pitlane went green and Kimi wasn’t in the garage,” says Eeckelaert. “He was nowhere to be found! So we went looking for him in the motorhome and we found him sleeping. That was his way of relaxing, even in his first even F1 race! ‘What? Is it now already? I’m coming, I’m coming’, I remember were his words. He had everything completely under control.”

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4 thoughts on “Kimi’s First F1 Race

  1. Great read. Thanks for posting this, Saima. I clearly remember feeling so excited about supporting this young driver back in 2001, and 12 years later, my support & enthusiasm for Kimi has not wavered.


  2. U should be sooo proud of u TM, u’ve been supporting the Iceman since his debut,hats off! I’m a f1 since 2003 and been supporting kimi since mid 2005. So proud and happy to have chosen Kimi, hope Kimi clinch at least more one WC, he wont get the recognition he deserved if he ends his career as a 1 time chmpion. Thx for this post Saima, not surprising that it was Kimi’s long run that get him in Sauber. Sooo funny the ‘WHAT,IS IT NOW’. Thats what makes Kimi a unique f1driver. The ‘5 more to beat’ proves how determined he has always been. C’mon Kimi, get dat win in Mnntreal


  3. Thanks, Saima! It was great to bring back to the memory……Everybody, who has started to fan Kimi from the beginning of his career should be proud, that they ´ve made the very best choice:)) He is unique! He has been very unique from the very first steps/laps in F1! Good luck, Kimi – go, go – Montreal is waiting for the winner!


  4. Thank you for this.I am his fan since 2002.I could imagine that his start was as unique as he is.No doubt there is nobody like him.Mister perfect for me.


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