Thursday in Monaco: “We can make it better”

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A relatively low-key day for the Iceman in Monte Carlo, just the way he likes it. Good laps on the board, and a clear path for improvement gives Kimi plenty of confidence for qualifying.

Q: How was your first day on track in Monaco?

KR: I was much happier at the end of today than this morning. We were working on getting the steering right in the first session and it wasn’t great at the beginning, then we changed a few things on the car and it felt far better. We’ve still got a few other areas to improve, but it was feeling stronger with every run. To get pole we have to make the car a bit faster overall and I have to drive a bit better, then we’ll have to see what happens.

Q: How does the car feel with the different tyres and configurations?

KR: With the high fuel it didn’t feel too bad but for sure we can improve, and the same with low fuel too. It didn’t feel like a massive difference between the tyres to me, so maybe we didn’t get either one working as well as we should. It’s something we’ll be looking at before qualifying and the race. The main thing is the car feels pretty good and we’ve got a few ideas about how to make it better. I think if we get everything right we can still do something good.

Q: How well can we fare in qualifying and what can be done in the race?

KR: We haven’t had enough time to look at all the data yet to work out strategy possibilities for the race, but if you want to win here you probably need to qualify very near the front so we’ll see where we end up on Saturday.

1 thought on “Thursday in Monaco: “We can make it better”

  1. Hi guys, managed to see the last hr ou FP2 ysterday, quite optimistic as i thought the Lotus would struggled more than that. For sure, Kimi’s best lap is quite far from the Mercedes but i think he did nt push to the limit n took unnecessary risks. With some tweaks and calculated risks i think we can expect a good quali though i’ll gladly settled for a P5 on the grid. On the other hand, Kimi looks pretty promising on race pace and the tyre degradation looks also good. Meanwhile the good pace will be useless if the starting position is bad or a bad start. Even cars like Williams n Sauber won’t be easy to overtake. So,strategy would be crucial to be in clean air to make a couple of flying laps. Besides i’m not sure the one-stop strategy will work. It will be too demanding for the tyres or Kimi will have to adopt a very slow pace to make them last. However with a good 2 stop with the right timing i do think Kimi will have the fresher tyres at the end and hopefully earn him a victory or at least a podium. I preventing myself of thinking of a victory, i will be too awesome. C’mon Iceman, Beware, Kimi is on the Hunt. LOL


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