Spain GP: Post-qualy interview with Kimi

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Lotus’s Kimi Raikkonen has been there or thereabouts at the top of the timesheets all weekend in Barcelona, but he ended qualifying on the second row of the grid in fourth position. After climbing out of the car the Finn spoke to reporters about his performance in qualifying and his prospects for the race tomorrow…

Q: Kimi, you’ll start from P4 tomorrow – one of your best qualifying result so far this season. What do you make of that?
Kimi Raikkonen:
Well, I have to make a good start and then I take it from there. What else do you expect I do? Mercedes have not been as strong in the races as they have been in qualifying so everything seems possible.

Q: After the morning session had you hoped for a spot on the first row of the grid?
It’s been pretty good all weekend long, but unfortunately during qualifying it was a bit more windy than it was in the morning session and that made it a bit more tricky in Sector 3. For sure we didn’t have the speed of Mercedes, but we have seen that before so I am open for anything in the race.

Q: Did you have had any idea before qualifying where you would fit in?
After I made it into Q3 it could have been P1 or P10. Everything is pretty tight, so I am satisfied where I am as it was the best qualifying result in quite a while.

Q: A penalty points system for drivers has been spoken about recently. Sebastian Vettel clearly said in the FIA press conference that he is not in favour of it. What is your opinion?
Why should I make a comment over something that is not finalized yet? Nothing has been decided and I am sure there will be changes made to the proposal. We always had penalties when a driver did something wrong – now they are looking at a new catalogue for handling misbehaviour. The best way to avoid being confronted with any penalties? Do nothing wrong, don’t break the rules – then you’re fine!

Q: Do you expect Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso will be in close combat tomorrow? Alonso sure wants to put on a show in front of his home crowd…
How would I know what’s on Alonso’s agenda! Go and ask him.

Q: Do you think that you can do one stop less than the others or will it be an equal playing field?
We will sit down and discuss our strategy this evening. And you would have to tie me to a stake to get a word out of me! All I can say is that we will see a very interesting race tomorrow and that is what fans want to see.

3 thoughts on “Spain GP: Post-qualy interview with Kimi

  1. Jeez…Kimi sounds like he has a bee under his bonnet. His responses are so sting-ey! Hope he channels his annoyance in keeping Alonso behind and getting ahead of Vettel in the 1st corner. Go Kimi!


  2. It’s kinda weird to see so many exclamations marks by Kimi in this interview. Tie to a stake to get a word out of me? Didn’t really sound like Kimi.


    1. I agree. have a history of adding ridiculous punctuation and phrases to Kimi’s interviews, any idiot can see it’s fabricated lol


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