Friday in Spain: “It wasn’t a disaster but we have to improve”

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Fourth fastest after the opening day’s action, Kimi gives us his view on a closely packed field here at the Circuit de Catalunya…

Q: How was your Friday in Barcelona?

KR: It was a pretty normal Friday. We tried some new things on the car, ran with some different tyres and we’ll have a look at all the data to see where we think we are. We finished the day not too far off the fastest time, so we can say that the day wasn’t a disaster, but for sure there are some things we have to improve with the car which is normal after the first day’s running.

Q: Times are pretty tight at the front of the pack today; should that make qualifying interesting tomorrow?

KR: I guess it’s going to be very close in qualifying too. We aren’t always especially fast in qualifying so we’ll have to see what we can do. We have to get everything right to fight for a good position and then we’ll see where we end up.

Q: How did you find the revised hard compound tyre?

KR: It’s okay.

Q: Does the car feel any different with the latest upgrades?

KR: It’s difficult to compare. We were here last time in the winter and the car has changed quite a lot since then. It feels okay on track; we’re looking at the data to see if the new parts are doing what they should, which is the normal way we do these things.

Q: Does the change of tyres to a harder allocation for this race make any difference to you?

KR: It makes no difference to me; they’re the same for everyone and we all try to get the most performance from them.

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