Bahrain Grand Prix – First Practice Results

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Setup tweaks, upgrade analysis and rafts of data logging dominated the opening session for Kimi & Romain here in Bahrain. P9 / P10 was the result; here’s how it happened…

FP1 TimesFP1 Report

Pos Driver                Team                  Time      Gap       Laps
 1. Felipe Massa          Ferrari               1m34.487s            11
 2. Fernando Alonso       Ferrari               1m34.564s  + 0.077s  19
 3. Nico Rosberg          Mercedes              1m34.621s  + 0.134s  22
 4. Sebastian Vettel      Red Bull-Renault      1m34.790s  + 0.303s  20
 5. Paul di Resta         Force India-Mercedes  1m34.949s  + 0.462s  17
 6. Jenson Button         McLaren-Mercedes      1m35.069s  + 0.582s  22
 7. Mark Webber           Red Bull-Renault      1m35.101s  + 0.614s  19
 8. Adrian Sutil          Force India-Mercedes  1m35.119s  + 0.632s  19
 9. Kimi Raikkonen        Lotus-Renault         1m35.345s  + 0.858s  17
10. Romain Grosjean       Lotus-Renault         1m35.611s  + 1.124s  14
11. Sergio Perez          McLaren-Mercedes      1m35.640s  + 1.153s  23
12. Valtteri Bottas       Williams-Renault      1m35.783s  + 1.296s  16
13. Lewis Hamilton        Mercedes              1m35.792s  + 1.305s  16
14. Jean-Eric Vergne      Toro Rosso-Ferrari    1m36.014s  + 1.527s  19
15. Daniel Ricciardo      Toro Rosso-Ferrari    1m36.485s  + 1.998s  20
16. Pastor Maldonado      Williams-Renault      1m36.498s  + 2.011s  17
17. Nico Hulkenberg       Sauber-Ferrari        1m36.755s  + 2.268s  20
18. Esteban Gutierrez     Sauber-Ferrari        1m37.214s  + 2.727s  21
19. Charles Pic           Caterham-Renault      1m37.850s  + 3.363s  20
20. Heikki Kovalainen     Caterham-Renault      1m38.401s  + 3.914s  20
21. Max Chilton           Marussia-Cosworth     1m39.445s  + 4.958s  12
22. Rodolfo Gonzalez      Marussia-Cosworth     1m40.215s  + 5.728s   7

Other News:

Boullier on contract talks with Kimi

Asked if money will factor into Raikkonen’s decision, Boullier said: “Kimi doesn’t race for the money.

“For him it’s very important that he feels at home and has the freedom to be who he is. So I really see no reason why he should leave. I don’t know if other teams would treat him as well as we do. We can definitely afford him,” he insisted.

“We have more money than last year,” added Boullier.


1 thought on “Bahrain Grand Prix – First Practice Results

  1. kimi must evaluate his options carefully for 2014 due to the massive rule changes coming for next year, for sure now Lotus looks good.

    But do they have the resources to develop not only this years car but next years vehicle as well.

    People are suggesting mercedes is going to be the big winner in next years mix up something akin to what Ross did with his Brawn GP, they could stop all development for 2013 by mid-way if they are not in the title fight.


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