Kimi: “I do enough fun things in my spare time than to have to listen to this bullshit”

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Rumours are swirling in the Shanghai paddock that the Finn, who is Sebastian Vettel’s closest friend in F1, has been earmarked as the successor to Mark Webber.

“There is so much talk that I’ve agreed a contract for next season,” Raikkonen exclaimed to Germany’s Bild am Sonntag.

“First I’m trying my best at Lotus, then I’ll think about my future.

“It is of course flattering, what Red Bull have said, but why is there all this talk if there is nothing (signed) on paper?” the 2007 world champion added.

The answer, of course, is that given Red Bull’s obvious interest, Raikkonen’s move would make sense.

He would work harmoniously with Vettel, and it would also be a good next move for the 33-year-old, who won 19 grands prix for McLaren and Ferrari before taking a two-year sabbatical in world rallying after the 2009 season.

“About the future, I am clear,” Raikkonen said. “I want to work with a good team and sit in a good car.

“Red Bull is a good team, they have been world champions and won everything in the past years.

“Basically, there are not many top teams to think about. With Lotus, we are not yet where Ferrari, McLaren and Red Bull are.”

Speaking against the move, however, are equally-heard rumours in the paddock that Raikkonen is no longer serious about his trade: that he only returned to F1 for the money.

“Do you really think I would be here if it was just about money?” Raikkonen hit back. “I do enough fun things in my spare time than to have to listen to this bullshit.

“And I’m not exactly broke,” he added.

5 thoughts on “Kimi: “I do enough fun things in my spare time than to have to listen to this bullshit”

  1. At the rate Lotus is going at the moment (becoming top team) and the relationship he got with Gerard Lopez, he will just keep on signing one year deals until he decided to do some truck pulling instead of Formula 1 🙂

    ps. Too bad about the start in China, oh well, everything is for the better!!! And Bahrain is just few days away!!!!!


  2. I really hope Kimi Raikkonen does NOT go to Red Bull – he’s far too good to be No. 2 driver to Vettel. (And we all know Vettel will throw his toys out of the pram if he doesn’t get preferential treatment) Hope KR stays at Lotus – the car is great and getting better, and he seems happy there. KR for WDC!!


  3. Although I’m kinda like Vettel but I totally disagree if Kimi with RB. Pretty,pretty please….don’t ever…


  4. Sometimes I´m wondering – You´re a journalist, but so unimaginative?! You have a possibilities to ask a man like Kimi and You are talking about rumors…..It´s pathetic waste of time!
    I hope too, that Lotus will prepare the car, that Kimi doesn´t have even thoughts to go to RB or to somewhere else team. Lotus & Kimi – You are the TEAM and you will WIN!!


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