Mama Raikkonen: Kimi’s break from F1 was good for him

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Formula Renault Sport ChampionshipKimi Raikkonen’s mother says her son is once again enjoying Formula 1, after his rallying sabattical in 2010 and 2011, which was a good break for the Iceman.

The famous Finn burst back into Formula 1 with Lotus last year, earning legions of new fans who enjoy his unique personality, and finishing a surprise third in the world championship.

Raikkonen’s mother, Paula, said she was surprised late in 2011 when she read rumours her 33-year-old son was thinking about returning to Formula 1.

“I had heard rumours of his talks with Williams, so I asked him about it,” she is quoted by the Finnish broadcaster MTV3.

“He said he would prefer to go to Lotus, because it was a better option for him. It was a surprise,” she said.

“His friends had told me that he stopped Formula 1 because he was tired (of it), and then suddenly he went back. I think the little break was a good thing, because now he seems to be enjoying the racing again,” she added.

Mama-Räikkönen: Kimi has an absurd will to win

Kimi Räikkönen’s mom Paula Räikkönen describes her son as a stubborn competitor.

She remembers that Kimi always wanted to race for the victory.

“Kimi has always had an absurd will to win and he never gives in. When he started to race as a child he turned the steering wheel for as long as the tires were rolling. I believe that it’s Finnish Sisu, the will to fight, guts,” Paula Räikkönen says in Lotus-team’s preview.

Kimi’s parents got a hunch of their son’s talent when Kimi was racing junior races in karting at the age of 10.

“One racer’s dad who was an experienced mechanic came to ask about Kimi: “Who is that boy in car number 104″. Closest people, like parents, rarely notice these things themself,” Paula Räikkönen said.

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