Raikkonen beats Alonso in Ferrari winning percentage

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Leading figures in F1 from the 2000-century, Kimi Räikkönen and Fernando Alonso, both have raced for three seasons in Ferrari. Although comparison between different seasons is more or less twisted, it seems justified when it comes to these two.

The biggest difference in the comparison is of course, that during Räikkönen’s era Maranello had a different driver-strategy than before or after.

Räikkönen had an equal status with his teammate in the team, while Michael Schumacher before him and Alonso after him have both had an indisputable Number 1 status.

This naturally has an affect on the statistics also.

Ferrari cleared the way for Alonso one year ahead, when Luca di Montezemolo and Santander wanted him in particular to replace Räikkönen. Alonso got the No. 1 status he wanted only by displacing Räikkönen.

Both won straight away their first race in Maranello’s crew, so in that sense Räikkönen’s and Alonso’s careers are similar: Räikkönen in Australia and Alonso in Bahrain.

Others who have won straight away during their debut season with Ferrari are Juan Manuel Fangio, Giancarlo Baghetti, Mario Andretti and Nigel Mansell.

Räikkönen drove 52 GP-races in Ferrari, since the amount of the races were less during that time. Hence Alonso has six races more.

Both have won nine times. Räikkönen’s winning percentage is 17,3 whereas Alonso’s is 15,5.

Alonso has been seven times more often on the podium. Räikkönen’s trophy-percentage in Ferrari-races is 50, whereas Alonso’s is 56,9.

Alonso has scored significantly more points. Since they had different systems, both have to be used in comparison. With the old system Alonso is ahead 324-233 and with the new system 787-585. When measured with average Alonso is ahead 5,59 – 4,48 (old system) and 13,57 – 11,25 (new system).

Although Räikkönen’s qualification-speed compared to Felipe Massa’s was criticized especially during the two last seasons, Kimi still has twice as more poles and front row positions than Alonso has had during three seasons.

Räikkönen’s saldo in qualification-competition against Massa was on the minus. In 2007 Massa was ahead 9-8, in 2008 the situation was 12-6 and during the most difficult season in 2009 Räikkönen was faster with 6-4.

Alonso has clearly beaten Massa: In 2010 it was 15-3, in 2011 it was 15-4 and now it was 17-3.

Ferrari has won the fastest lap in at least one race ever since year 1994. Last season that row was cut, since Alonso and Massa didn’t have even one fastest laptime. The same happened in season 1994.

Räikkönen made two fastest laptimes in Lotus also and he is clearly ahead of Alonso in that statistics also. The 3rd of all times has 37 fastest laptimes. 16 of them in Ferrari, while Alonso has 6 laptimes after his three seasons.

Räikkönen also raced more in the lead with Ferrari than Alonso did during the three last seasons.

Räikkönen leads by 194 kilometers more than Alonso, who was in the lead last July in Germany GP.

Sixth year without a championship

Räikkönen is still Ferrari’s latest world champion. It has now been six years. If Alonso will make it the next season, then he is capable of the same as Schumacher, for whom it took four seasons to become champion with Ferrari.

During Räikkönen’s time they got all and all three championships, out of which the last one was in WCC in 2008. di Montezemolo could brag even after 2008 about how many championships Maranello had clinched during the last ten years.

Nowadays those talks have silenced, although Ferrari is still the most successful team from 2003-2012, beating even Red Bull with the figure 7-6.

Ferrari-comparison Räikkönen-Alonso

Kimi Räikkönen, Seasons 2007-2009:

52 GP-races
9 victories
5 x 2nd
12 x 3rd
3 x 4th
1 x 5th
3 x 6th
3 x 8th
3 x 9th
2 x 10th
All and all 26 times on the podium and 41 times in the top 10.
9 retirements.
Points with the old/new system 233/585
8 poles (15 times in the front row)
16 fastest laps
Leading 438 laps/2346 kilometers
3 world championships (1 WDC and 2 WCC)
1 WDC-Bronze and 1 sixth position

Fernando Alonso, Seasons 2010-2012:

58 GP-races
9 victories
12 x 2nd
12 x 3rd
6 x 4th
5 x 5th
2 x 6th
3 x 7th
2 x 8th
1 x 9th
All and all 33 times on the podium and 52 times in the top 10.
6 retirements.
Points with the old/new system 324/787
4 poles (7 times in the front row)
6 fastest laps
Leading 416 laps/2152 kilometers
3 WC-Silver (2 WDC, 1 WCC)
2 WC-Bronze (2 WCC) and 1 4th position

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  1. Plix Plox Lotus be a winning car in 2013, give Kimi a fair go at the WDC!!!!!


    1. We don´t have any doubts, that Kimi could be the next WDC again! Let´s hope, that Lotus knows that too!!


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