Download: Kimi team radio song, ringtone

Yes yes yes yes… I’ve remixed a ringtone of Kimi’s classic team radio during his comeback win at Abu Dhabi! As well as the remix, there are the original versions to download below. Enjoy!


Click to download:

5 thoughts on “Download: Kimi team radio song, ringtone

  1. Very funny! :)) Thank you very much, Saima! 🙂


  2. Hehee. So funny!

    I don’t know if you have all ready aware of this, but there is a new book of Kimi.

    Book is written in finnish and it’s called EVVVK. Which comes from finish words “Ei Voisi Vähempää Kiinnostaa!” In english that might be something like: “Could not Care Less!” Book is not about Kimi, but all the things what he has said to media. All the classics are there.


    1. Fantastic:)Thanks, Saima! Sinulle, Pekka, kiitos vihjestä!


  3. Fricking hilarious!


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