Sunday in India: “Disappointing weekend”


A race spent locked to the rear of Felipe Massa’s car wasn’t what Kimi wanted, but unfortunately that’s what the Iceman got for his first Indian Grand Prix at the Buddh International Circuit

Q: Give us an overview of your weekend in India…

KR: I had a very good car today, but I just couldn’t do anything with it as I was not able to pass on the straight. It was quite disappointing but that’s how it goes. We put ourselves in that position yesterday with the set-up we chose for qualifying and we paid the price today. We had the speed but not in the right place and when you are behind someone there’s not much you can do.

Q: Did you expect to go better this weekend?

KR: I really thought we had a car that was good enough to fight for a podium as our lap times were strong, but the mistake we made yesterday took away our chance to do better today.

Q: Where does this leave you for the rest of the season?

KR: The Drivers’ Championship battle is pretty much gone for me I think but it doesn’t matter; at the moment I’m just disappointed about this weekend.

Q: Are you optimistic for Abu Dhabi and looking forwards?

KR: Hopefully in the next race we can be a bit smarter and use our race pace to take some more Championship points. The car is good, and if we manage to qualify higher I think we will be in a strong position.


2 thoughts on “Sunday in India: “Disappointing weekend”

  1. Hi there, anyone know where to get the kimi collectible toy in the India F1 pics? Its so cute!


    1. I found it… its a lego figurine 🙂


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