33 Kimi Pics of 2012

Incase you missed the #HappyBdayKimi tweeting frenzy yesterday evening, here’s a recap of my 33 pics of 2012:


No.1 – Kimi returns to F1

No.2 – Already bored

No.3 – Scores points in first race

No.4 – What Kimi has to say to haters

No.5 – takes fastest lap in Malaysia

No.6 – tumbles from 2nd to 14th due to reaching tyre cliff

No.7 – Successful comeback with podium in Bahrain

No.8 – Closes 20sec gap to 2secs in 15 laps at Spain

No.9 – Wears a James Hunt helmet in Monaco

No.10 – Kimi says there’s only 1 way to drive an F1 car and he hasn’t forgotten it!

No.11 – Possibly the last time he stands with M.Schumacher on the podium at Valencia

No.12 – Kimi and Lotus promote TheDarkKnightRises on their helmets + cars

No.13 – Takes another fastest lap at Silverstone – Iceman proves he hasn’t lost game

No.14 – Cuts his hair even shorter to much disappointment or relief to fans

No.15 – String of bad luck in Germany ends as he is promoted to 3rd after race

No.16 – Kimi is so happy that he couldn’t contain himself and stumbles spectacularly

No.17 – The interwebs go nuts with multiple photoshops of the infamous KR stumble

No.18 – KR has been subject of much media attention in his comeback year

No.19 – Btw, this is why Kimi’s hair had to go

No.20 – Kimi gets close to victory in Hungary but lack of overtaking holds him back

No.21 – But he managed to show Grosjean who’s boss

No.22 – Everyone expected Lotus and Kimi to dominate Spa…

No.23 – Qualifying has been Kimi’s weak point but at Spa there was hope!

No.24 – The King of Spa didn’t win but still was the crowds favourite

No.25 – Iceman appeared on TopGear – “seems to be working” he said about sponsor Clear

No.26 – First official sponsor photoshoot in his F1 comeback, for Rexona

No.27 – Pulls off one of the best moves this season on Schumi up Eau Rouge

No.28 – Still a very popular guy despite two year break away from F1!

No.29 – Alonso pushed Kimi off-track at Suzuka. All the time you must leave da space!

No.30 – Kimi demonstrated his talent for spatial awareness+reaction+fairness at Japan

No.31 – Before that, he spun in qualifying and was typically Kimi about it lol

No.32 – Kimi goes almost skinhead again after three years

and finally…

No.33 – Kimi announces a contract to be revealed on his birthday – trolling the whole F1 media…and us fans lol

2 thoughts on “33 Kimi Pics of 2012

  1. I love your selection!!! my favourite one…when he was nearly to fell off LOL


  2. Kimi is a purebred troll!


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