Kimi’s column: Belgium review + Italy preview


Good Day Sunshine

I said before the race at Spa-Francorchamps, that the most important thing is not loosing points to the championship leader anymore. Well, we gained 15 points closer to Fernando Alonso, so we can be happy with the outcome of the weekend.

But, to be honest, it was one of the trickiest weekends of the whole season. We were caught by the bad weather on Friday. We didn’t have the speed in qualifying and we didn’t have the speed in the race, too. So getting third spot in the grid and finishing the race third, as well, was not that bad.

It was pretty cold during the whole weekend. We had problem with the grip and to get it better, we had to sacrifice a little bit from straight line speed after putting some more downforce on. I felt like a sitting duck back there in the long straight even with DRS on, but still we had enough to get the podium again now for the third time in a row.

This weekend we are racing on the fastest track of the calendar. Monza is a home of Tifosi and, for me, it’s very interesting to meet them again after three years. It was such a great atmosphere while I was a Ferrari driver. We got two podiums in three years, but I was sorry not to be able to win it for the Tifosi.

I have good memories from Monza. No win, but a pole, many good laps and many good races. The closest we got there was 2005, but because of the engine problem, we lost the best chance to win that race.

Monza is all about going really fast. Hopefully our aero package hits the top there. Obviously, you never know about the weather, but, at least, the forecast promises some good sunshine every day of the weekend.

I have a new teammate for this race, so I wish all the best for Jerome. The target is to get some good points again for the team.


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