Video: KRS 2012 Bahrain GP Highlights

Hi everyone, I hope you enjoy my video review of Kimi’s race at the Bahrain GP. There was plenty of  coverage in Iceman-mode and to celebrate Kimi’s comeback in F1 I just had to do the video. Looking forward to the Spanish GP this weekend, hopefully we’re not too far from that win Kimi missed out on. Keep flying!

Video Soundtracks:
“Fantomah – original mix” by Bart Claessen.
“The Ones We Left Behind – original mix” by Tenishia.

(All video and audio used in this presentation do not belong to me and are copyrighted to their respective owners. This presentation is intended for viewing pleasure only.)

15 thoughts on “Video: KRS 2012 Bahrain GP Highlights

  1. it makes me happy to review your videos saima


  2. welcome back Saima, Please do it every race, It give me energy when I see your vedios.

    Keep flying Kimi


  3. Good to see the highlights are back from you Evenstar….really appreciate you taking time off your busy schedule…..knowing that i wouldn’t be upset if you could not make highlights for all the races….but races like this in the future deserves a highlight from you…Amazing work…thanks..:)


  4. All of the sudden, I feel 2 years younger :).
    Thanks for the great job, Saima!


  5. And indeed it was a pleasure viewing.


  6. Fantastic videos. Thanks for the good efforts Saima. Looking forward for more….


  7. Nice video.Hopefuly there will be even more material for upcoming highlights 🙂


  8. Suzette Botha May 10, 2012 — 6:07 am

    Well done, Saima! You’re the best!


  9. Hi Saima, I’m so glad to see you making video for Kimi F1 racing again after 2 years!!!! I really never expect this would happen again after Kimi left in 2009.


  10. Hi, Saima – I left a post some days ago here (or the FB site), but cannot find it on both places. I wrote: good old times… I thought it would express everything I felt when Iwatched your video. A question: is it not possible to download this video? – Thanks for your hard work to keep KRS alive. Elisa


    1. okay – I must be satisfied with the “viewing pleasure”…:) Hopefully you will be so kind, Saima, to collect and keep them very carefully. Thanks.


  11. Hi Elisa, yes you can download on the vimeo video page, there is a button below it which says “download”:


  12. Hi Saima! You’re the best !!!


    1. Lol thanks! Liked the video?


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