Kimi gifts ice-cream to media


Back in 2009 when the Malaysian Grand Prix was red flagged after a deluge (déjà vu anyone?), Kimi famously left his car and had an ice cream whilst other drivers sat huddled on the grid.
#SepangSundae the ice cream cometh….

Classic Kimi…and too good an opportunity for our communications department to turn down!

With similar weather conditions looming on Sunday, Lotus F1 Team delivered an ice cream to every journalist in the media centre just before the start of the race, together with a note from Kimi “Please enjoy this ice cream”.

The PR stunt was very well received by the media – not only did they enjoy the refreshing chocolate-flavored ice cream but the operation quickly gathered momentum on social networks; #SepangSundae was trending globally on twitter over the weekend!


Source: GMM

’Iceman’ Kimi Raikkonen on Sunday proved he is not without a sense of humour.

The last time he was at Sepang, in 2009, the Ferrari driver caused raucous laughter in the F1 media centre when the global television feed showed him enjoying a chocolate ice-cream and can of coke.

The rest of the field was damply awaiting the race’s re-start on the sodden grid.

There were similar conditions looming in Malaysia on Sunday, and so the Lotus team delivered a present from Raikkonen to each member of the travelling press corps just before the 2012 race.

Along with the chocolate treat, a note from Raikkonen read: “Please enjoy this ice cream”.

AFP Asia sports editor Talek Harris said his was delicious.

3 thoughts on “Kimi gifts ice-cream to media

  1. Kimi is legend!


  2. That’s why I love Kimi !!


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