Kimi reunites with old engineer Mark Slade

Source: mtv3.f1 | Translation courtesy of OSX

Kimi is happy to have managed to get Mark Slade as his race engineer at Lotus. Raikkonen and Slade already worked together at McLaren.

“I wanted him. There was of course many things that had to be sorted out so that could happen. I’m glad he managed to get away. I have a good race engineer now as well but I wanted Mark because I know him and he knows what I want.”

Slade also knows the Lotus team after having worked in the team formerly known as Renault during the 2010 season.

“He has worked here before so it will probably to be easier to start with him in a new team since he already has knowledge about it.”

Previous report:

Kimi receives a familiar race engineer

Kimi Raikkonen’s new race engineer will be Mark Slade.

Slade worked for Raikkonen at McLaren for five years. British Slade is otherwise accustomed to working with the Finns, for he also served as Mika Häkkinen and Heikki Kovalainen’s McLaren race engineer.

Slade moves to Lotus from the Mercedes garage, where he worked last year with Michael Schumacher.

3 thoughts on “Kimi reunites with old engineer Mark Slade

  1. This is really important. It means that Kimi can concentrate on driving, confident that Mark fixes the rest without unnecessary comments.


  2. Very true Lars, it’s just so exciting – this news in particular! Great how everything’s gelling together for Kimi, long may it last. He deserves it, hopefully this will be his break 🙂


  3. Yes, it’s coming together nicely, but also I can’t help but feel as if Kimi has decided to kind of take control of all the aspects himself. He seems to be more concrete than ever!


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