Rally Turkey: Day 2 Updates

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Kimi Raikkonen holds sixth in the second Citroen Junior car, and is
now just over half a minute ahead of Munchi’s Ford’s Federico Villagra. A
puncture on the last stage of the day dropped Matthew Wilson (Stobart
Ford) away from this battle.

Pos  Driver             Car           Time/Gap
1. Sebastien Loeb Citroen 2h19m13.5s
2. Petter Solberg Citroen + 16.2s
3. Mikko Hirvonen Ford + 17.3s
4. Dani Sordo Citroen + 22.4s
5. Sebastien Ogier Citroen + 3m21.0s
6. Kimi Raikkonen Citroen + 4m37.5s
7. Federico Villagra Ford + 5m10.1s
8. Matthew Wilson Ford + 6m16.6s
9. Ott Tanak Mitsubishi + 14m33.6s
10. Dennis Kuipers Ford + 17m16.2s



Kimi’s best drive yet, says navigator

Ex-Grand Prix driver Kimi Raikkonen’s performance on the second day of
Rally of Turkey today was the best of his short rally career so far,
according to co-driver Kaj Lindstrom.

After starting the 145.82-kilometre, eight-stage leg from eighth
position, Raikkonen made up two places on what was widely accepted as
being the toughest day of the event – which Lindstrom described as
Raikkonen’s best run in a rally car yet.

“It’s certainly the best day we’ve had together,” said Lindstrom. “I’m
very encouraged by the fact that we were able to keep up this sort of
pace on stages that were incredibly tough. I always said that it was
going to take a bit of time, but Kimi is really learning.”

Raikkonen on sparkling form in Turkey

In Turkey, Kimi Raikkonen led from start to finish. At the beginning, he
briefly lost the lead but the flying Finn soon took it back. Conditions
were hot, but not as hot as people expected, and although it was Kimi’s
first time there he put on a dominant performance to win in Istanbul.
Victory for Raikkonen!

Actually, what we are talking about here is not the second day of the
Rally of Turkey, which came to a close this evening, but Kimi’s win at
the inaugural Turkish Grand Prix in 2005.

The Iceman’s memorable Formula One victory in Turkey was the sixth out
of his 18 Grand Prix successes, on a circuit that coincidentally runs
right next to the Rally of Turkey route this year. The second day of the
rally may not have concluded with champagne for Kimi – particularly as
there is another full day of driving to tackle tomorrow – but he was
still on sparkling form from start to finish.

In fact, his faultless performance on the second challenging day of the
Rally of Turkey was probably just as much of a success as his triumph on
the Istanbul Park circuit just under five years ago. For someone who
has completed just two World Championship rallies in a World Rally Car,
Kimi’s progress was nothing short of astonishing. Starting the day
eighth, he ended up sixth.

"You can’t compare the Turkish Grand Prix with the Rally of Turkey
because they are so different, but for me, the rally is definitely more
difficult," said Kimi, cutting a cool figure in the service park with
his Red Bull cap and trademark sunglasses. "This takes just as much
concentration as winning a Grand Prix; in fact maybe more as so many
things are new to me. But today was a really good day. We were able to
set times that were closer to the guys in front and that’s the main
thing. What I’m really pleased about is that we could do it without
taking big risks. We even stalled a couple of times, so if you take that
away then the times are not bad at all. Let’s see what happens tomorrow
but for now it’s going really well and I’m feeling comfortable."

Co-driver Kaj Lindstrom has less experience of winning Grands Prix, but
he still knows a good performance when he sees one. "I’d say that today
is the best time that myself and Kimi have had in a rally car together
so far," he said. "It comes from a lot of things: more time in the car,
more confidence, and more practice with the pace notes. Put all those
things together and you end up with a pretty good performance, which is
what we saw today."


SS17 – Riva 2

SS16 – Bozhane 2

SS15 – Ulupelit 2

SS14 – Gocbeyli 2

SS13 – Riva 1

SS12 – Bozhane 1

SS11 –  Ulupelit 1

SS10 – Gocbeyli 1

3 thoughts on “Rally Turkey: Day 2 Updates

  1. i don’t understand rallying, but better 6th place than 8th or 9th. :)keep getting better and you’ll have the wrc title soon. :))) ❤


  2. I think Kimi is doing really well. The top 5 (+Jari-Matti Latvala) have been doing rallies for years so I wouldn’t expect Kimi to be on their pace. However it is really encouraging that he is consistently ahead of Matthew Wilson and Villagra who are also miles more experienced than Kimi. Also there’s still the tarmac events to come which could be easier for Kimi. MASSIVE FINGERS CROSSED FOR KIMI TO KEEP 6th!!


  3. Good rally overall, good battle at the top and for 6th, shame henning and block had their problems would have been a good scrap all the way through. Matt Wilson isn’t showing himself very well today which is slightly worrying as he’s the only UK driver in the WRC lol :D, I’ll put it down to just having a bad rally. Great progress so far for Kimi though hope he remains here come tomorrow afternoon, would be a great result.


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