First Interview as Rally Driver; Citroen Arctic Test

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Raikkonen: "I had never driven an F1 car at -25°C!"

Q: You start your first
season in rallying. Do you discover a different appearance in WRC compared to

KR: "These are totally different disciplines. Here it is -25°C
during testing. I had never driven an F1 car at -25°C! In the F1
practice sessions, we loop the same lap all the time. In rally, even if
we stay the same stretch of road conditions change with each pass. There
are more or less snow."

Q: What do you like in the rally?

KR: "I like everything! This is a new challenge for me. This is the
biggest challenge of my racing career. It’s very exciting…"

Q: What do you expect from your first test?

KR: "I started in rallying. We’ll see where we are located in front
of drivers who have several years of experience in the discipline.
Initially, the objective will be to complete the course. I must learn the car before I can attack a little more."

Q: In what area do you feel most comfortable?

KR: "I rolled on all surfaces last season. Perhaps the snow as I
drove in testing and racing. So I have more experience in this field.
But I guess I may have good marks on asphalt. This is the area that I’m
most familiar with."

Q: For a beginner in the rally, the system marks an important job
demands. Is this something that you’ve progressed?

KR: "We’ll use the same system as last year. It worked very well.
With experience, we will continue to improve and we’ll see how it works
during the first tests."

Q: What are your ambitions at the start of the Arctic Rally?

KR: "It was my first rally last season. This participation is a good
workout. I’ll be able to travel miles with the car before the first
race of the World Championship. It’s also nice to ride in Finland."

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  1. just love it ,love it ,love it !!!


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