Kimi’s Column: Brazil GP Review (Finnish)

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Fiery Race

The Brazilian GP came and went. We had good chances of getting into the
top three but when it’s no, it’s no. It wasn’t something worth taking volts
about but at least we got some points home. It could have been worse.

The start was okay. It went like a pike from the shore and I felt that
I had a good thing going on. The race went like we expected. We were
3rd but in the start I had to try to get up because if you don’t try
you don’t get anything.

Oh well, with these snow pusher wings it’s tough if someone changes the
line in front of you. Webber knew that I came with KERS from behind and
he pulled in front of me. I went to the grass and I lost my front
wing. We didn’t get to attack after that.

The whole Finland-department went to the pitstop at the same time.
Heikki left first. I only noticed that he had the hose still attached
and that it sprayed gasolin all over the road. I think I got it in a
split second that it’s also coming over me and realised that it will
burst into flames when the temperatures are the same as in a cigarette

I went to the left, took my hands off the steering wheel and for a
wavering second I was thinking whether I should jump out of the car or
not. But then the flames died at once, my eyes were burning but I
continued the race.

It felt like Räikkönen’s boy would have gone to a microwave oven
instead of to a pitstop. But when these additional shows were over I
had a heavy car and couldn’t do anything else put the foot on the pedal
and try to improve my position.

I got stuck behind Grosjean and got to drive my in my own pace only
after he went fuelling. It was enough for 6th position but without the
hassle in the start we would have been second or at least third.

Now there’s only one race left in the reds and after that it’s
arrivederci to them. I will fight to the end for the 3rd position in
WCC. McLaren got ahead of us by one point but these last races have
been so even that we still have chances to get past them.

Abu Dhabi is a great place and it’s sort of a Ferrari’s own park. We
will try our best so that we would get a good result as some sort of a
grande finale.

15 thoughts on “Kimi’s Column: Brazil GP Review (Finnish)

  1. Kimi you’re the best!!! thank u 4 never giving up and doing your best to help Ferrari finish 3rd even though they don’t deserve it.I’m sure if everything works out right in Abu Dhabi u’ll be on the podium and why not finish ur last GP with Ferrari with a win….Fingers crossed :)P.S:Does anyone know if Kimi will attend the Ferrari World Finals at Valencia?? Hope Alonso won’t be there.And can someone tell me where i can find a video of Kimi’s interviews after the quali and race coz i looked for it on youtube as usual but was surprised not to find it unlike previous GPs.


  2. Yes Kimi, let’s be hopeful for Abu Dhabi. Your last race for Ferrari!!! We know, no matter how you will try your very best to help the team re-gain the 3rd WCC which is important to the team but no impact to you since you are leaving. Well, lets looking forward & see what happen…. Then your fans have to keep waiting patiently for your BIG decision in F1. Hope you will give us a good news soon. After that… we are going to have a LOOOOOOOOOOONG break! OH 😦


  3. please tell us if everything is all right (i mean your eyes) we are waiting your regards


  4. Kimi wrote on Twitter:"I’m fine. Fire was no big problem but was a bit hot for a while!! ;)"How cool tweet was that! 😀


  5. Lol…sorry, but I still don’t believe that’s him on Twitter. Hope he’s fine anyway, he must be back with family and friends partying for his 30th 🙂


  6. in these days I’m reading a lot to try to get some news about Kimi’s future team, but, also if it seems that colud be not so real the redebull’s option, news speak about toyota now. well….but Kimi hasn’t said that he’s plianning for a top team? are mclaren chances so far now?


  7. about Kimi’s health, I really hope that his eyes are well! it was really dangerous because fire attacked him immediately also if for some seconds….


  8. where the finnish version review?


  9. @Zero: it hasn’t been released yet. When it is, I assure you it will be posted here asap 🙂


  10. kimiiiiiiiiiiiiii we want to know whats up for next seeson


  11. Oh, how I like the Finnish versions of Kimi’s review. I like his sense of humour! Thanks Saima and Wolfie for giving us this. This is the real Kimi!!


  12. I don’t think Kimi is the twittering type…or perhaps one post: "Mind your own business." 😛


  13. @Roger: Hahahahaha!


  14. these finnish version reviews are great that’s real kimi:D ferrari rewievs are so funny 😀


  15. re : martin whitmarsh’s comments – this is typical silly season wordplay. kimi is clearly the best driver available to them, but only if he decides to stay in F1 next year! they obviously have to have other possibilities..also the reliable andrew benson on BBC is currently reporting kimi as maclaren’s ‘1st choice.’ keep a cool head folks 😉


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