Videos: Ferrari Festivity

[Courtesy of TaniaS]
Download this video                                                 Download this video two videos are from the events held in Italy last weekend, as earlier mentioned in the ‘Busy December‘ post. After the FIA Gala on Friday evening, Kimi and Ferrari were taking part in the "Caschi d’Oro" on Saturday, a prize giving event, which the Italian team hold every December. The second video shows Kimi, Felipe and team boss Stefano Domenicali in Italian tv show ‘Domenica In’ on Sunday evening, where children from the team’s employees are invited. It’s a very seasonal event, with snow and decorations about and a relaxed and enjoyable time for the team. You can clearly see Kimi having a nice time in the video with the kids. (See more pictures of these events and don’t miss the video of Kimi at the FIA Gala here – all thanks to Tania of the Official forum!)

What was Luca Di Montezemolo talking on about? Well, he wasn’t present as he usually is because he had a cold. The discussion was regarding research in Italy, and why it’s so difficult
to invest into scientific research. Montezemolo said Ferrari
always invest in research, as it’s a symbol of excellence for Italy. He continued that his country should invest more in it because research is important
and means a better future for the young people, and for international competitiveness.
He also said that without technical and scientific research Ferrari
wouldn’t have won 8 titles in 10 years, which he proposed as a target before the 2008 season.

The girls have been loving these scenes, especially in the Domenica In, so I think commenting on a few things I also love will be justified! At 2.19 into the second
video on the projected screen behind the presenter, you’ll see that Kimi had to pick up a child and hand him/her to someone – that
was so cute! And also before that when all three of them are smiling at
the kids and Kimi whistling to get the kid’s attention; this kind of event is probably more fun for Kimi.
He’ll make such a great dad, as you can tell he already has it in him. You can
see in his eyes, that he was actually enjoying being there I think,
more than being at the Gala for sure! He arrived late there and spent the evening hiding and joking behind others as a school-kid would do at an assembly.

Just look at 2.41 further into the video too, that quick innocent smile. It reminded me of the younger Kimi. It’s good to see he’s still the same, you would have already noticed how much more relaxed and happy he is away from the attention of F1 media, especially in the
ice-hockey video posted earlier this month.

And finally, look at 4.04, Kimi goes: "That’s it…yeah! Okay! Hahaha!" A perfect scene to end a disappointing 2008 season with. I know Kimi is more popular among the girls, but the guys have plenty of more reasons why they should love him too, apart from being a racing driver. He’s a great role model. Keep Flying Kimi!

9 thoughts on “Videos: Ferrari Festivity

  1. OMG!!! I luuuuuurve this man! The inevitable fan girl comment: HE LOOKS SO CUTE, WITH HIS NEW HAIRCUT AND SMILING!!!Ok, having said that, a few comments on both videos:-Caschi d´Oro: Is it just me or was Felipe a bit emotional when they asked him the first question, about what Rob had said to him on the radio after crossing the finish line in Brazil? He seemed to me as if he was trying to find the right words to explain what went through his head at that moment…he kept repeating that the championship is won in 18 races and not in the last corner…. and certainly not because of someone else´s mistake…..that´s a jibe at someone, wonder who? lolKimi didn´t have any ear/head phones for translation, he probably didn’t understand a thing, poor baby!Domenica In: Kimi looks happy to be there……ROFL when he whistles at the kid, lol…………and I love when he speaks Finnish, it´s like Chinese to me (no offense to anyone from China here), but still so cute, he sounds like a little robot! hahahaha ;p


  2. yeah, thanks for all that Saima, it’s so nice to see Kimi like that, i have to add of course that he’s really really cute!! i know i know, it’s already said but hey…!i’m a girl and i can’t help myself too!! :p


  3. Hey! feel free to drool girls…@Sol: Yeah I think that’s one reason why Kimi is so popular in China, the language Finnish sounds similar and obviously Kimi is a chinese word lolI didn’t know what the presenter asked Felipe – thanks! I knew it was to do with ‘Brasiliana’ and I agree, he did look a bit shy and slightely sad, in both videos. Felipe was testing yesterday with Badoer in Portugal, but then he wasn’t feeling too well and stopped early.


  4. kimi the best i love you


  5. Sorry to disappoint you girls… Finnish does not sound anything like Chinese. :)) According to my Finnish friends, maybe they are closer to Japanese…hahaha…


  6. That’s what I thought! But I spoke to some Chinese fans and they thought so! or maybe I’m confused lolFinnish reminds me of Elvish lol


  7. If I remember correctly form the Lord of the Rings… Evenstar speak Elvish => Evenstar speak Finnish :))


  8. What can I say Kimi is looking so cool and yet still so HOT!!! (he needs to give Felipe some style advice! LOL) I agree the finnish is a bit elvish but I do find it quite endearing. You got to love him – he is the best – the most amazing. I think we are all so lucky to have Kimi as our favorite driver he has it all he is hot, fast and does have an impish humour. Long may he fly


  9. Kimi actually reminds me a bit of the character Aragorn! Quite similar, I think.


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