Video: Kimi Playing Ice Hockey With Mates Iceman took to the rink in Finland today, with mates from ice hockey organisation HIFK:


These were top players making a very hard offensive against Kimi but both sides said they had a lot of fun playing together, the video showing Kimi not with frozen smiles. Kimi’s youthful hobbie is now his way of relaxing and having fun, before heading to F1 testing next month. It’s really nice to see Kimi away from the hard and serious world of F1, by letting his hair down, quite literally as this is probably the longest his hair has been for years, haha!

Here is another video of an interview at the Ferrari World Finals earlier this month:


9 thoughts on “Video: Kimi Playing Ice Hockey With Mates

  1. Thanks!!  You’re so right about his hair – longest I’ve seen in a very long time (maybe ever).  I’m not complaining though, ***fangirl*** moment – I love it. LOL. Nice short ‘n sweet vid from Ferrari.


  2. Thanks Saima!!  Nice to wake up and see our Iceman having fun on ice  :))  I think maybe he can not let his hair down for too long…my guess is a saloon visit is due soon before the FIa Gala…:))
    I like the expression (a little embrassed smile) when he said "…and we had some not so good moments.."….
    "Hopfully next year we can come back..It’s nice to have the support from the fans and even when you have a bad time they supporting you.  Definitely we’ll try to make good results and give stronger year for them next year…  Yeay Kimi!!!  Tha’s right, we will support you through thick and thin!!  
    Just keep smilling and flying Kimi!!


  3. AWESOME!!!
    thanks so much Saima!! i just wake up too and it’s a marvellous way to begin the day ; with Kimi’s smile! love it!! 🙂
    it’s him who shouts "oh yeah", no? just awesome!!
    and his words for us…. so cute! thanks Kimi to think about us after the end of the season!!
    i can spend my day with a big smile on my face!!
    i really hope he will not cut his hair before the gala!!! :-)))


  4. Woohoo…thank you!   Kimi and my fave sport (next to racing that is) what a fantastic mix.  So good to see him having fun.  Just as well it wasn’t a serious match some definite penalty stuff there from the Kimster…heh heh. I love him with his hair long.  😉


  5. Haha, I would have woken up today with a smile but I found out about it late last night so I went to bed with a smile instead! LOL!Keep flying Kimi! I admit it made me happier than usual to see him, moreover having fun playing ice-hockey, because it’s off-season and we miss him.


  6. Awww! Thank you so much for that vid! How awesome is Kimi??? I enjoyed watching him having fun like that so much….he´s like one of the boys, not the famous F1 driver playing there. Loves it!!!!(About the hair: I prefer him with short, spiky hair, but no matter what, long, short, green, he always looks smoking hot! ;p)Keep flying Kimi!!!


  7. Thank you soo much for this video Saima!!! I
    enjoyed watching him having fun like that so much….he´s like one of
    the boys, not the famous F1 driver playing there. I love him with his hair long. I really hope he will not cut his hair before the gala!!!Just keep smilling and flying Kimi!!


  8. Thoroughly enjoyed snippets of Kimi’s other talents. And Saima, you are dead set legend for posting all Kimi related videos/articles here, much like a "One-Stop Kimi Shop"!
    I’m curious, did Kimi score any goals ?? I don’t know much about ice hockey, but comments from Blackcat below seem to imply that Kimi was playing rough and perhaps breaking some rules ?? As long as he doesn’t break a leg like Mark Webber did at his own charity event, I guess he can play as "dirty" as he can get away with considering it wasn’t a proper match. GO KIMI ! Good to see you letting hair down during your holidays.


  9. Ice-hockey is a very rough game, I think pulling some dirty moves and the whole ‘aggression’ thing is part of the character of the game. Anyone seen Happy Gilmore with Adam Sandler by any chance? it’s a comedy, exaggeration of Sandler’s temper lol Kimi nearly scored a couple if you watch closely, but I’m not sure :)@Trixie: Haha, thanks!


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