F1 GP Highlights: Britain 2008

https://i0.wp.com/i11.photobucket.com/albums/a188/SaimaAzam/Misc/krsevenstarsmall3.png This has been the toughest highlight video to make so far this year, can it get any more eventful as this British Grand Prix? Well, I hope we have plenty more of great races to come, but I must admit the stress of making a highlight video where Hamilton was victorious after such a crazy race – obviously it was a little bit annoying…but well worth the trouble!

Spin after spin – it just kept going on and on and on…maybe I should have used the Kylie Minogue song ‘Spinning Around’? Maybe if I were doing highlights for Felipe Massa fans, but it’s not my cup of tea. Afterall, the point of these movies is to tell Kimi’s story. But I tried my best with what I had – I included everything that was significant, yes, everything (even if it wasn’t nice to see but it’s part of the Raikko and actually became a ‘highlight’ the next days!) Kimi did a good job to recover from 11th after the Ferrari team muddled up the tyre strategy so it ‘could have been much worse’, plus there were loads of heroic drives for the podium and throughout the field. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Comments are always welcome. I also want to say a very big thank you to Kathy from the USA for her more than generous donation last month to KRS, it will surely and proudly be used to create further treats for you guys, in the next few months.

Also, after the end of the season there will be a voting held on which of the KRS Grand Prix highlight videos is your most favourite!

Size – 69MB
Duration – 7.47mins
Music – ‘Going Wrong’ by Armin Van Buuren & DJ Shah Feat. Chris Jones (Extended Mix)

Download via Mediafire

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9 thoughts on “F1 GP Highlights: Britain 2008

  1. ROCKIN Great Job


  2. Hi Saima! What can I say, another fantastic display of your hard work and comitment to Kimi, and us the fans! I never get tired of saying how much I admire you, and all the things you do for us.Loved the song as usual; Kimi´s blue eyes had me drooling in the first part ; ); Loved the black/white effect; he seemed to smile a lot even though in the end there wasn´t that much to smile about, but he did when Heikki got the pole, he was happy about it. The incident (which I don´t want to mention, but…) is even more clear to me now, the guy was stepping on Kimi´s stuff!It´s beautiful vid, a bit painful as you said to watch, but we all know that Kimi fought the only way he could, like a true CHAMPION!!!To Felipe: Keep spinning my man, maybe you´ll find your way around a wet track 🙂 LOL!*hugs*KEEP FLYING KIMI – KEEP FLYING EVENSTAR – FORZA FERRARI!!!P.S: Was he as handsome as he can get in the Europen Youth Conference or what?, with that blue jacket with the Ferrari insignia *drool*!


  3. Thanks so much guys.Lol, Kimi looked pretty smooth yesterday at the European youth road safety conference, very yummy indeed. Something tells me that maybe Hamilton should have been there too! He’s young, and ‘a bit stupid’ when it comes to basic road rules! lol Seriously though, it’s an important issue, weird that here in England there was a nasty motorway crash on the news yesterday too, 6 people were killed (one car hit a lorry head on). Obviously these 6 people weren’t obeying road rules in the first place, more than 5 people aren’t allowed in one car and their car was a Ford Focus too! Tragic, but it’s a lesson.


  4. AWESOME!!!


  5.  Hey, Saima 🙂 another great vidio from you… I really liked it 😉 Big big thanks ;*


  6. as usual saima always the top, fantastic job thank you


  7. Hello everybody!How are you guys?I just found out about this space and WOW you seem to have everything! Pictures, videos,… I’m speechless. :)Love the video you made! Very well done. Well I’m gonna keep on exploring. Ciao


  8. Thanks Lena! It’s about time, where have you been?! You’ve been missing out! Haha. You’re most welcome and have fun browsing!Ther German GP is coming, so there’ll be plenty of news and things to talk about soon. See you!


  9. Superb video as ever, all the best bits! Thankyou! I make myself wait to watch them, so I feel like I get a mini grand prix between the longer ones! lol!And I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll be dry in Germany this weekend, as it rained during the Moto GP race there on sunday. Can’t be bad weather 2 weekends in a row now can it?


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