Happy 28th Birthday Kimi!

Happy Birthday Kimi. I hope you have a great day, full of smiles, jokes
and laughs. I say it every year when it’s your birthday – it truly is a
pleasure watching you and supporting your career each year. You really
are something else on the F1 grid, and we adore seeing you do what you
love most. Even more, we are flying with you when you’re winning. All
the best for the future years. Love you loads. Keep Flying Kimi!

Your fan forever, Evenstar Saima.

Send In Your Birthday Messages To Kimi!

I worked with the French Kimi website to
create the message page for Kimi’s birthday – I designed the header
image – and so far it has over 2400 messages! Wow! With the Brazillian
Grand Prix the following weekend, you can wish him the best for the
season finale too. So go on, visit

a member from the Official Forum, managed to send the birthday website
to Riku (who is related to Kimi’s media work).  The success of the
birthday website is growing, as Kimi.fr members also managed to get it
published in a French magazine called
Auto-Hebdo.    And I managed to get through to Heikki Kulta of Finland’s leading newspaper TurunSanomatHe has done it for us! And Iltasanomat.fi/ have mentioned it, and also MTV3.fi , Finland’s F1 broadcaster! Other links include: hs.fi , Italehti’s forum .
Hopefully, some journalist will mention it to Kimi. Maybe he’ll be
asked about it in Thursday’s Press Conference, along with Alonso,
Hamilton and Massa! The news is spreading so quickly, and a number of people, including a French commentator, who is close friend to Jean Todt and is often in the Ferrari garage, will mention it to Kimi.

2 thoughts on “Happy 28th Birthday Kimi!

  1. Check out our local newspaper’s horoscopes for today both if today is your birthday and the sign’s outlooks it seems to look pretty good for Kimi and this weekends championship!http://www.thestar.com/Horoscopes/article/267434


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