Alonso, Hamilton, Raikkonen – who is destined for glory?


China07_Kimi_Podium.gif picture by SaimaAzam
How about Kimi?

Why he’ll win…

Third time lucky:

Raikkonen has been here before. He may not have won a title, but he’s
been runner-up twice, in 2003 and 2005. In ‘03 he missed out by just
two points, after pushing Michael Schumacher all the way to the wire.
Such experience stands him in good stead – you can rely on Raikkonen to
give it his all – and not to crack under pressure. On top of that he
likes coming from behind – just look at his fearless fight through the
field at Fuji recently.

His team mate: with Felipe Massa
out of the championship running, past form suggests Ferrari will do
everything in their power to make sure his main role is a supporting
one to Raikkonen’s charge for victory in Brazil. Definitely a luxury
Alonso and Hamilton won’t be enjoying!

Will Kimi’s luck turn with a flick of the hair?

Why he won’t win…

relative to McLaren, Ferrari’s has been pretty weak this season and
just one more problem – in either qualifying or race – would put
Raikkonen out of contention.

He’s too far behind: he
trails Hamilton by seven points and Alonso by three, which means not
only does Raikkonen almost certainly need to win in Brazil – ideally
with Massa second – he also needs some serious misfortune to come his
rivals’ way. Even if he leads home a Ferrari one-two, with Alonso
finishing third, Raikkonen would need Hamilton to come home no higher
than sixth to steal the title.

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