Video – 2007 Belgian GP Highlights

As you probably have noticed, there was no Italian GP highlight video. I had no time to plan and work on it that week, therefore I am very sorry! Instead of seeing Kimi’s horrible accident at Monza, here is the one that counts – his dominant weekend at Spa Franchorchamps.

Enjoy the video as it takes you through the legendary and breath taking Eau Rouge corner, qualifying and the race. Of course, there is extra goodies, such as a thorough podium and the thing we loved most that day – Kimi’s burnout! I have the full version included in it, don’t worry.


Size – 74MB

Duration – 9.50mins

2007 Spa Franchorchamps – Belgium, Wallpapers!
Enjoy these desktops of Kimi’s great weekend at Spa for the 3rd consecutive time! The 5th desktop is a Monza special. They are all in a 1024×786 resolution.


3 thoughts on “Video – 2007 Belgian GP Highlights

  1. It was simply B-E-A-UTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & that burnt-out donut spin summed it all up – my Adrenalin was PUMPPPED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think Kimi is the only driver to have won at SPA in Mclaren & Ferrari using V8 & V10!!!! Need I say more?????????


  2. Lol glad you liked it! It’s not to like any video about him I guess. Unless it’s a cheesy ‘OMG He’s so hot’ type ones.Anyway, good point. Kimi’s 3 wins at Spa, a track based on speed and precision, should say quite a lot. What about next year? Traction control is banned, will Kimi still continue to rule the throne at Spa? I think so! lol!


  3.  I love ur Video!!!!!!!!!!!
    Is there any posibility that u can work the Italian GP highlight out ??


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