Tyres Confirmed For Next 6 Races, Helmet Feature, Video

Bridgestone confirms compound choices

Formula One tyre supplier Bridgestone has confirmed its tyre compound choices for the next six races on the calendar, following the successful evaluation of data from the first events this season.

Bridgestone brings two compounds of tyres from its selection of four to each race. So far the soft and medium tyres were used in Australia, while the medium and hards were used in Malaysia and Bahrain.

Judging by the feedback from the performance of these tyres so far, Bridgestone has confirmed that the super soft and soft tyres will be used in Monaco and Canada, the soft and medium at Indianapolis and France, while the medium and hard will be used at the next race in Spain and at the British Grand Prix in July.

Kees van de Grint, Bridgestone’s head of Track Engineering Operations, said the company would only confirm the tyres for the next few races to allow themselves the chance to review how their rubber performs at regular intervals.

"It is important that we constantly evaluate the performance of the tyres and how well the teams are adapting to them," he said. "Our aim is to ensure that the tyres are the correct choice both in terms of safety and also suitability for each track.

"During the pre-season tests we were able to confirm the specs for the first five races and subsequent feedback from the first three of those races has now been taken into account regarding the choice for the next four rounds of the season. Announcing the choices now will enable the teams to start thinking about their tyre strategies for the coming races."

Kimi’s Hot Head

Ever noticed this new feature on Kimi’s helmet at the Bahrain GP? I had the photo as my laptop wallpaper and sat there looking at his helmet and wondered what the little opening on top was for. I hear it is a ventilation system, 5 litres of air flows through it per second and there is a little filter which absords little particles such as dirt. Cool.


Video of the day!

One of the best pole laps from Kimi, at Silverstone in 2004 which was such a gloomy year for McLaren. Enjoy how Kimi brought that car infront of the Ferrari’s!

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