More Sensitive Steering Needed For Kimi

Turun Sanomat

HEIKKI KULTA, translation by Warwick.

Kimi Räikkönen’s problems are of course a subject of discussion in
Ferrari, because everyone admits that the Finn is the most important
part of the team.

“The car’s sliding front is not as big of an issue for Massa as it
is for Raikkonen. Massa likes it more, when it slides.” Mario Almondo
said in Auto Sprint.

“In Bahrain the oversteer stopped at the first pitstop, when we
changed Felipe’s front wing’s angles. After that the car worked as he

“Kimi wants a car that has more front end grip than rear end grip,
which generates an oversteer feeling for the driver, while Felipe is
much the opposite. We must make the car to behave more accurately for
Kimi. Kimi wants a more sensitive car, which responds well to his
steering.” -said Almondo.

Almondo also revealed that on the grid at Bahrain Räikkönen had
problems with the start button. The driver pushes the button and the
software takes care of the rest.

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‘The week of excuses’ – press analysis

Some sections of the F1 press is conveying a cynical analysis of Kimi
Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso’s high-profile failures to perform in the
recent Bahrain grand prix.
The German specialist magazine Auto Motor und Sport headlined "The week
of the excuse" after both drivers gave explanations for why they might
have lagged behind their less highly-rated teammates at the Sakhir

Meanwhile, El Mundo Deportivo, a Spanish newspaper, is calling the saga
a "Battle of egos".
"After the first three races (of 2007), both drivers should be coming
to the realisation that before thinking about the title, they must work
out how to beat their respective teammates, Felipe Massa and Lewis
Hamilton," a report said.

The Finnish newspaper Turun Sanomat says Raikkonen’s biggest problem
with the F2007 is its front end; and the fact that Massa can cope
better with a tendency to understeer.
"We must make the car behave better for Kimi," technical director Mario
Almondo insisted to the Italian magazine Autosprint, after Raikkonen
said Ferrari must work on improving his pace particularly in

In La Gazzetta dello Sport, on the other hand, Spaniard Alonso floated
the theory that his car may have been damaged on Friday evening by the
falling gantry incident in the McLaren garage at Sakhir

Hahaha, well all drivers will say something if its not working out for them, no? Excuses? Well…I don’t think Kimi still finding handling problems with his brand new car is an excuse. First of all, a lot of people said he would struggle being new to everything at Ferrari, and now that he clarify’s this fact, its an excuse is it?! As for Alonso, he simply had a bad day at work, his car got hit on the head overnight, he didn’t manage to set up his car properly, struggled with both understeer and oversteer if that’s possible (I assume understeer in the front and oversteer in the back?) and when these two top driver’s are not winning or  are not on the podium, we criticise them, I guess they are just so good that we expect no less from them. So take it as a compliment Alonso!

We all know Kimi doesn’t care what anyone thinks

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