Raikkonen sure to end F1 career at Ferrari


Kimi Raikkonen thinks Ferrari will be his last team in Formula One.

“I am glad to be here again and I am sure that I will not change again,” the Finn told Germany’s Sport Bild in Malaysia.

Raikkonen, now the oldest driver on the grid, made his debut for Sauber as a highly-inexperienced 21-year-old, going on to win races for McLaren and the title for Ferrari in 2007.

His mid-contract split from Ferrari at the end of 2009 was partly acrimonious, as he left F1 altogether and enjoyed a two-year sabbatical with rallying and Nascar exploits.

Raikkonen returned to the grid with Lotus in 2012 and, with his pace intact and achieving highly consistent results, he was re-signed by Ferrari to be Fernando Alonso’s teammate in 2014 and beyond.

But, now 34, he told Sport Bild: “I will not drive in Formula One for ever.

“I already said in my first time at Ferrari that this will be my last team,” Raikkonen smiled. “As you can see, I have kept my word.” (via: motorsport.com)

When asked about Michael Schumacher’s condition, Raikkonen said: “It’s a sad thing. I hope he stands as quickly as possible on his own feet again.” (Source: sportbild.de)


Kimi answers fans questions (above quotes)

6 thoughts on “Raikkonen sure to end F1 career at Ferrari

  1. I’m completely unimpressed by Kimi and Ferrari over the past two races. I fear that the other teams (Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren et al) are pulling away in terms of gains made in understanding the new rules in terms of raw speed.

    One again, Ferrari have not given its drivers a competitive car for 2014. Even Alonso described his race as a ‘nightmare’.

    Ferrari needs to get with the program very soon, or they will find themselves drifting further and further behind, just as Kimi is doing in the points right now.

    Very disappointing!


  2. @Leonardo, I think ur not the only one who’s dissapointed.
    Its a shame that kimi couldnt do a proper race, first the rain than magdisastersen. I think the fia should give out heavier sanctions to drivers who destroy other people’s race.
    Kimi lost a whole lap because he was limping back, the newbee should have a least got something similar…
    Its frustrating, but i think ferrari’s back bench will come out with new developments and strategy. For kimi and considering him being in a defisit of points there is not more fooling around i think and he should be more pro active


    1. Agreed! But it was a faster Magnussen who bumped into Kimi, that’s the problem I have: Ferrari’s complete lack of speed. And speed wins races.

      Developments and strategy should come sooner rather than later. And they have to, otherwise Ferrari is doomed yet again. Alonso four years at Ferrari and not one shot at the championship.


  3. We will have to wait till Barcelona for a decent improvement. But it’ll be too late by then I fear.

    Hopefully Kimi’s bad luck has ended, Bahrain is always kind to him.


    1. Yes, the others are way ahead already anyway. Alonso has been under threat by Nico Hulkenberg and is defending that position, whereas he and Kimi should actually be defending pole position. That is where they SHOULD be! This is not looking good for Ferrari at all again.

      I said all along that Kimi should have joined McLaren or Red Bull.


  4. I’m happy that I will finally be able to go see Kimi race at the tracks in person this year. Barcelona for now but hopefully Spa later in the year as well. Would be great to see Kimi overtake at Eau Rouge. 😀


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