Robertson: Kimi is biggest team player

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Steve Robertson emphasizes that Räikkönen has done a whole lot for the Lotus-team although the team hasn’t paid him at all this season.

“Kimi is right. He is honest. We are trying to solve financial issues. This is not the best way to end a relationship,” Robertson told MTV Sport.

Robertson confirms that the cursing radio message also bothered Kimi.

“Kimi is also offended over the radio message. He was accused of not being a team player. But when you take into account the whole situation, unpaid salaries and everything else, I think he is the biggest team player in Formula One.”

Räikkönen’s camp have threatened that unless Lotus fulfill their promises the two last races can be skipped.

“They have given us some promises. If they hold on to them, then hopefully we will race the season to the end. If not, then there is a clear chance that he won’t drive the two last races,” Robertson says.

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