F1 GP Highlights: Spain

Kimi said the 2008 Spanish Grand Prix was probably the best win he’s ever had in his career – it was so perfect that he felt nothing more could have been improved – and that’s a worrying thought for his rivals. The Ice Age is yet to arrive…

There was a little more action than usual in Barcelona this year and no one would have expected a crash like Heikki’s to happen there. But thankfully he was okay and that’s all Kimi could ask for too. I hope the fans like the video. What more can I say…but enjoy! (I recommend these videos should be listened to through headphone or a decent set of speakers.)

Size – 58.22MB
Duration – 5.40mins
Music tracks – ‘Zocalo’ (Original Mix) by Armin van Buuren feat Gabriel & Dresden, ‘Gouryella’ by DJ Tiesto and Ferry Corsten

Download via Mediafire or Megaupload


A clearer YouTube version is also available, over here!

5 thoughts on “F1 GP Highlights: Spain

  1. Big thanks to Ludy at Octeto, for sharing the Kimi highlight videos with other Brazilian fans!


  2. WHAT AN AMAZING VIDEO, SAIMA!!! CONGRATULATIONS AS ALWAYS! I enjoyed that intimate moment in the post race conference(that I hadn´t watched) where Kimi and Felipe seem really happy and smiling. AMAZING!!!Cheers!!!


  3. Cheers Sol! You are most welcome and yeah, the press conference scene was too funny to not include in the vid haha!


  4. Hi saima, I am a big fan of u’r videos and an even bigger fan of kimi raikkonen from india . u really put a lot of effort in making these videos and it clearly shows. can u please tell me what’s the arabic song u used in the bahrain video(2008) and the "fast car" song(singer) u used in the monza video(2007) and from where can i download them from?????????? keep on doing the good work…..


  5. Hi! Thanks a lot for watching. The song used in the Bahrain video is by Israeli popstar Ofra Haza and the song is called ‘Im nin’ alu (full mix)’. The 2007 Italy video song is by Kristian Leontiou.I only keep doing the vids because you guys keep watching 🙂 thanks so much.


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