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13 thoughts on “Photos

    1. Hello dear Saima 🙂 I am from France so my english is not very good lol
      I love your website from many years now even if you don’t update like before lol I am a big fan of Raikkoen too 🙂
      So, I can’t see galleries from older races !!! It is very frustating !! How can I do ? Please help me 🙂

      Good continuation


  1. i still cant’t open the link to picture galleries, dear 😦


  2. the photo gallery page seems to be down and we are not able to see any folders there. Is there any problem with that link ?

    Hey Evenstar can you confirm the same….


    1. Yes it’s down at the moment. The problem is currently being fixed, however it may work at times, sometimes not. Sorry.


  3. thank you for sharing it evenstar xxxoo


  4. still not working again, this time, baby? it ussually happens when Kimster hit the podium. Iceman has curious dedicated big fans, indeed 🙂


  5. I love those photos.


  6. I can’t see your sky drive photos but I could earlier. ?? You have the best website.


  7. Sorry guys, the gallery has temporarily crashed because of the crazy volume of fans visiting it lol 😦 It will be back soon…


  8. Hello Saima 🙂 I am from France so my english is not so good lol I love from many years now your website even if you don’t update like before lol
    So, the new system of Microsoft is shit really, I can’t see galleries from older race !!! How can I do ? Help me please 🙂


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