Raikkonen: driving style hurting form

Kimi after the Chinese GP 2014

Kimi Raikkonen suspects his Formula 1 driving style was the reason for his lack of competitiveness in the Chinese Grand Prix.

The Finn finished eighth at the Shanghai circuit, while Ferrari team-mate Fernando Alonso battled Nico Rosberg’s Mercedes and the Red Bulls to record the Scuderia’s first podium of 2014.

“It’s probably more to do with my driving style plus these cold conditions and not getting the tyres to work properly,” said Raikkonen, when asked if a new chassis – given to him after his old one developed a crack while Alonso was testing in Bahrain recently – had possibly developed a problem.

“If there was an issue with the car it would not be fast on new tyres.

“I think it’s a combination of cold conditions, circuit layout and my driving style.”

Ferrari has upgraded the front suspension on Raikkonen’s car in an effort to make him feel more comfortable in the F14 T, but the 2007 world champion struggled for grip in China and reckoned his driving style failed to generate sufficient front tyre temperature for him to be competitive.

“I don’t think I work the tyres very hard, so when it’s wet and cold it’s hard to get the tyres working,” he said.

“The new tyre works well until the grip from the rear tyres goes away, then you have to go slower and you start cooling down the tyres more and everything goes around and around and you cannot fix it.

“There’s not just a magic thing I can suddenly change in my driving and fix. It works for you in some places and against you in some.

“We just have to work and find some solutions when we have this and hopefully not end up in similar situations.

“Once you end up there it’s hard to get out – especially in the race.”

(Source: autosport.com)


Leo Turrini, avid Raikkonen supporter and journalist, thinks Kimi will bounce back.

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14 thoughts on “Raikkonen: driving style hurting form

  1. I see this as the begining of the end for Kimi Raikkonen. Always some excuse or another.

    Just look where he sits in the points standings, and then compare that to Alonso – in exactly the same car!

    This is not the same Kimi I remember in 2003-2007 seasons.

    Maybe he is just too old for all the new rules and regulations in F1. Or perhaps he lacks motivation.

    If i were Montezemello, I would seriously look at finding a replacement for 2015


  2. Lets clear up one thing, ferrari cars are nowhere near hamilton/rosberg’s cars. just look at the time-sheet of the last 4 races and you’ll know what I’m talking about, so everybody else is chasing third place.
    Against this background, I think ferrari have made the wrong approach. Both cars seem to be going in different directions, alonso has slowly gain momentum while kimi is stuck in no one’s land. putting aside tyre wear, weather conditions and race dynamics, I just think that ferrari have not made kimi more comfortable to his driving style. at the same time, kimi’s laid back approach (I think) is not helping the team either. its a shame cause ferrari are losing valuable points.


  3. Oh c’mon guys plz don’t start with the motivation thing again..he’s highly motivated and what kind of laid back attitude are we talking about…he has spent a lot more time at the factory pre season..if not more then equal to Fernando at least..he has worked in the simulator more than he’s ever done previously..and yet u guys talk about motivation…I mean he never did these things when he was at lotus and yet he was one of the most consistent drivers of 2012-13..
    We’ve all seen him the last 2years..a driver of his talent would never be so behind Alonso in terms of performance unless he has a problem..and Ferrari needs to sort that out..may be he needs to work on his driving style but i dont think its his fault that he has such driving style..last 2 years it worked well for him..this year it isnt so he has to adapt to it..thats it..but its not at all related to motivation or his laidback attitude that you are talking about…he hasnt had a clean weekend at most of the races..we cant jump to conclusion that he’s not motivated..he will come around give him time..


    1. Personality (laid back) and motivation are two different things. I’m not judging kimi’s motivation, why would he be in f1 if he lacks motivation. The media, especially bbc with david coultard, tend to kill kimi’s personality by using the “lack of motivation” card. These same people say that hamilton is not boring while last year they were yawning vettel’s victories.
      I think personality is more related to character, it depends on how you/one perceives kimi’s laid back personality to be….I think (maybe) kimi is more laid back with regards to warming up the tyres, a fact that even he admitted to. And if you read closely I blame ferrari for not having the will to accomodate kimi and his so called soft on the tyres driving style.
      Btw, dont be fooled by alonso’s status that is portrayed by the media. He’s been second best for almost a decade and thats maybe how he will end his career hehe..like kimi has said being second doesnt mean anything


  4. Chill guys. He will come back. Just look at 2009. Evbody were talking abt Kimi losing it. But after Massa accident it came out he was head and shoulders above Massa’s replacement Fisi — a guy who was quite equal timewise to Alonso at Renault. It’s all abt having a car suitable. This years Ferrari was made by Alonsos needs.
    You can’t lose speed just like that!
    Please stop this motivation talk! You can see the guy is more serious he has ever been. He means business more than ever!


    1. He will come around…that is for sure…its when rather than if…hope it’s soon..I hope he beats Alonso on his home ground..:p fingers crossed


  5. Its fair to say that Kimi wont say “I am not motivated”. So then the only other option for him to do is to blame the car and the setup thereof. I would.

    But the mere fact that he is generally laid back anyway is certainly not helping matters for him at all, and the impression he is therefore giving F1 fans is often one of a driver who lacks motivation.

    And that is the conundrum.


  6. It is true he said that he blamed the set-up…but it is also true that he accepted problems from his side too..which is his driving style..if he just had to blame and whine like how Alonso does when things don’t go well for him, then he would’ve just said my car is bad and its not fast and blah blaah…but he’s accepted things…and we all know how much of bad luck he’s had in these races…
    everyone knows Kimi never whines…everyone know who does…so i think he really has a problem and he’s just not blaming to defend himself..


    1. I hear what you are saying. He does perhaps have a ‘driving-style problem’.

      Having said that, I think it is something that should have been sorted out AFTER the first race in Australia, or the latest Malaysia. 4 races gone, and Kimi has not shined at all.

      If this continues indefinitely, Kimi will most certainly fade away into F1 oblivion by not at least trying to adapt his driving style to suit the Ferrari, and not the other way round.

      And of course time is not on his side, unfortunately.


      1. I couldn’t agree more with your intake regarding timing. In this fast moving f1 environment and taking into consideration the infrastructure/technology and personnel that the team have to its disposal, these problems should have been resolved earlier…

        I’m assuming that kimi wants the team to react to his demands and not the other way round. From what I’m reading the team has finally realize that it needs to focus on Kimi, but again after 4 races and god knows how many precious points lost.

        Again, I am more of a realistic person, I think ferrari and probably the rest of the pack minus the mercedes team are fighting for third place. But then again, garage no.7 is nowhere near third place…


  7. lol..so gud to c so many kimi fans…i jus think its d car given to him s really bad…othawise he wud b leading afte d merc…n yes,as someone said hes been more serious bout d race den eva…i still believe tat hes d best driver on d grid….jus giv him a beer n things tat he need fo d car…kimi we fans got yu back buddy….n ders about 19 races….m pretty sure hes gonna turn d whole thing around….n fia pls change d bloody rules…its f1 don make it a stupid parade…!!!


  8. I am trying to be realistic where I can. But the points – and of course Kimi’s ‘driving style’ – are making it rather difficult for me to do so.

    All his fans and adversaries alike thought that Raikkonen would rule the roost at Ferrari, but it seems that his tremendous talent is gradually being eroded due to his own undoing. In a word, Kimi is just plain stubborn.

    I say this because if he really felt strongly about podiums, he would rather have tried to change the way he drives to suit the car. A very simple scenario.

    If Fernando is able to do so in the same machinery, then there is no excuse really as to why Kimi is still struggling after four races.

    Go figure.


    1. Its just four races buddy..you don’t change things that you’ve been doing or the way you’ve been doing since 10 years/childhood in just four races..it takes time..he’s just realized now…its this way of him which has made him one of the most successful drivers on the grid..you don’t just throw it away..no doubt you’re right he has to adapt..but it won’t just happen in a single race..and as for Alonso he’s having no problems because the tires and new rules are pretty good for his way of driving..that’s why you’re seeing Hamilton Alonso ricciardo enjoying a stronger outing than their team mates..because it suits them


      1. The new rules have all changed so dramatically this year that it would seem logical that the drivers also need to adapt.

        If this continues unabated, we will not see Kimi on a podium at all this year. I’m just hoping he will turn around and surprise us all. As you recall, he has done that previously…

        But he has to do it now; the excuses with regards to the car and driving style are starting to run a bit thin with me right now, and to many others too.

        Wake up Kimi !!!!! Time is running out for you…


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