Kimi: If money was the only motivation, I wouldn’t be here

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Poker faced Kimi Raikkonen has slammed claims that is is only money motivates that him to keep racing in Formula 1.

After a two-year hiatus in world rallying in the wake of his Ferrari career, the phlegmatic Finn returned to the grid with Lotus last year, winning in Abu Dhabi and finishing a surprise third in the world championship.

He also made a lot of money, raking in millions after agreeing a modest retainer with lucrative bonuses for the swathe of points he ultimately scored.

“I’ve been paid well for my work,” Raikkonen is quoted as saying by Finland’s Turun Sanomat.

“It has sometimes been a lot, sometimes not so much, but if money was the only motivation, I would not be in Formula 1. Although it has become safer, there are also high risks.”

2 thoughts on “Kimi: If money was the only motivation, I wouldn’t be here

  1. I think, the people, who has that kind of thoughts, they don´t know Kimi at all!


  2. People in the media just need an excuse to talk absolute nonsense, ‘Kimi doesn’t smile so he’s disinterested ,if he’s disinterested then why is he in F1 ?,oh must be the money’ what an idiotic thought process. Nevertheless ,Kimi doesn’t give a shit about what they have to say and neither do his fans!


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