Iceman doesn’t depend on racing simulators

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0375092Kimi Raikkonen doesn’t believe the addition of a new simulator at Lotus’s Enstone factory will provide any real benefit in terms of pace or developments.

The former Renault outfit has upgraded its facilities including its simulator in a bid to match rivals teams. The Finn though says he prefers to do his learning at the circuit rather than at the factory.

“I’ve never been a big fan of those and you never get as close to what real driving on the circuit is,” he explained. “We can probably do a lot of things to learn the circuits and stuff like that, but I don’t think this is really going to change things.”

“I just think that I can learn nothing in the simulator,” the 33-year-old is quoted by Switzerland’s Speed Week. “I learn a new track quickly, without a simulator,” added Raikkonen.

The team finished fourth in the constructors’ championship after fighting for the drivers’ until the final few races of the year. Raikkonen believes they will only remain at such a competitive level if the whole team works together as it did in 2012.

“It’s the whole game together; there are a lot of people involved and you cannot make it happen by yourself,” he added. “It’s just the team work and everybody trying to do the same thing and deliver the best that we can. I think it’s been a good atmosphere in the team.”

4 thoughts on “Iceman doesn’t depend on racing simulators

  1. Jeeeeez! Look at Kimi’s eyes in that picture! Total concentration! Amazing!!!!!


    1. Everybody, who has listen in Kimi´s sayings, knows, that everything about the race he´s learning on the track; also about a new tracks for him. And he has proved, this method is the best, befits for him the best way! Keep going, Kimi!! Many thanks, Saima!!


  2. Well, there is only one Kimi Räikkönen and he’s a unique person. Triple F1 World Champion Jackie Stewart has recently talked about Kimi’s return to F1 in 2012 at Autosport International. While other F1 drivers think it’s important to have a simulator at the team’s base, Kimi doesn’t. The 33 year old Finn is a real racer, just give him a competitive car and he will get some good results. I think he will only get better this year if Lotus provides him with good material to work with…


  3. Hmmm…..the guys in front all train in elaborate simulators. It’s important practice for they and the entire team. They also model and test part ideas in simulators. There is no such thing as too much practice. This “I already know best attitude” isn’t a consistent path to the podium.


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