Kimi’s column: 2012 season review


Kimi at home in Baar, Switzerland

It was the longest ever season I have had in Formula One. We did 20 races and I would say we could have had some better results, but generally taken it was a good year for us.

 I’m happy with it, and I think the team is happy with it, as well.

Obviously we would have preferred to get third place in the constructors championship, too. We fought for that almost the whole season, but at the end of the day, the speed to fight with the top three teams was not there in a every single race. So to finish 4th in the constructors championship is what we deserved.

Being third in the drivers championship is not a big deal for me. Obviously, I’m interested only in winning. We won one race and got six other podiums. Its good achievement, but, for sure, there could have been some more.

The Brazilian Grand Prix was one of the toughest races I have ever done. I had to go out in the first few corners to avoid hitting Vettel, so it started badly, then it went worse in the drizzling rain, and I couldnt see anything because of the vizor being wet and steamy. Finally I spun out, but managed to come back with some extra driving behind the barriers.

Well, we finished the race, got one point and ended the season without a single DNF. That shows we had the most reliable car although the last weekend was a real struggle with it, from FP1 to the end of race.

Once again that proved how much a good result depends on having a clean weekend. If you are not able to get enough laps testing in practice, forget the podium! The grid is so competitive that you need all the tenths and hundreds for you, not against you.

Now its time for a holiday.

Its almost Christmas time, so there is not that much waiting to do for the next year and a new season.

The team works hard to get even better results. I know the team now very well, I enjoy working with them and if the new car is competitive again, we should be heading for a better season.

I wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to all my fans. Thanks for the support!

9 thoughts on “Kimi’s column: 2012 season review

  1. I read your blog after every race and sometimes in between race weekends as well. Thank you so much for all the great information, photos and stories you post!! Salut!


  2. I liked the summary. Hope we are in for a win next year!!!

    Have a nice F1-break everyone!!!


  3. Kimi got a number of accolades that no other driver managed to achieve this year:

    1. Consistency pays: Kimi is the only driver to have finished every race.
    2. Greased lightning: In Monza, Raikkonen sped away at 347 Km/h, fastest in 2012.
    3. Getting by: Best pass, on Schumacher at Spa Francochamps.
    4. Voice for radio: At Abu Dhabi and Monaco. Those messages are now famous.
    5. Basic instinct: When Lewis exited the pits and narrowly avoided a collision with Kimi, thanks to Raikkonen’s lightning-fast reflexes.


    1. 😀 He made us very proud fans this year.


      1. Indeed! I will always be a Raikkonen fan. He is totally unique – and a damn good racing driver 🙂

        I will also always be a fan of this website. When you are here, I feel Kimi is here too 🙂


  4. Ahhhh so sweet! This place is my comfort away from personal life lol Hopefully we’ll have plenty of pics to post here from the FIA Gala tomorrow.


  5. Kimi was the fastest in 2012?347 km/h?Nobody was faster?I didn’t know that, and that is completely opposite to the fact Lotus struggled with top speed power.


    1. I´m sure, Kimi knows now, how awaited he has been back to F1…. And how lucky we are, having him on the track again! So much more exciting and memorable moments – many thanks for that! This come-back-season was very successful and as Kimi himself as me and everbody else are waiting for the next winning season:)))
      Peaceful x-mas-time for everybody – to You, Saima, as well!!!!


  6. Loved the 2012 season and your driving. Can’t wait for 2013 to start.

    Good luck Kimi and Lotus.

    PS bought F1 2012 just so I could drive the Texas circuit with a Playseat, G27 wheel and pedals, it’s so realistic I throw my arms in front of my face when I crash!


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