Just won after 3 years and cool as ever

The Sky Sports interview with Kimi post-Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.



Q: I think that’s the widest smile I’ve seen from you all season actually, well deserved though

KR: …

Q: Keep it going, keep it going!

KR: Happy for the team, for me also, but you know I’d rather be somewhere else than right here also

Q: Okay well I’ll keep it quick I promise, but it was a composed consistent race from you after a great start and if you judge by the radio messages, perhaps never in doubt, in your mind at least.

KR: No but of course you never know what’s gonna happen, the safety cars made it much more tricky for us. I’ve done similar races many many times this year but we’ve just been out of place and today we had clear circuit to use the speed and maybe not the fastest in the end but we were fast enough and consistent enough so to win, so I mean, it’s great for the team I mean we have had some hard times lately in the team so I think this will help us.

Q: So a great win, how does it compare to your 18 others in your career?

KR: It’s just one in there. I mean it’s great because it’s after a few years I come back but I mean the last one before this was very similar we didn’t have the best car and we fight and still win, so it’s a great thing, it’s good to win now so people will stop asking me if we will win or not and at least it makes it a bit clear for them.

Q: And is it the ultimate way to justify your return to the sport?

KR: You know… I never care really what people thinks, if I don’t finish the next race they think that I am as bad as that race so you know I do my things and if I’m happy what I’m doing that’s the main thing and I really don’t care if people were thinking differently me now than they thought 3 hours ago so…make’s no difference.

Q: Have a good party tonight.

KR: Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Just won after 3 years and cool as ever

  1. Thank you very much, Saima! Good read! 🙂


    1. The most important – Kimi is Kimi! Yeah, maybe a bit older, but just the same Kimi, we´re loving:)


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