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India: Thursday’s press conference


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Q. Kimi, your first time in India. What are your thoughts, your impressions?

KR: Well, I came last night at one o’clock, so I’ve only seen the motorway and the hotel. The hotel, outside it, looks nice. I have no complaints so far. The circuit – I haven’t gone around it. That is tomorrow. I’ll tell you about it.

Q. Are you a fan of Indian food?

KR: Yeah, actually I am, if it’s the same as it is in Europe. I like it, but you know I have no experience yet of the local food.

Q. Kimi, we’re told we can expect an announcement next week or so, is that the case?

KR: I don’t know. I mean, we have options but nothing is decided but I guess it will be decided at some point.

Q. (Shridhar Poddar – Sakal Media House ) Kimi, how has the break from Formula One to rallying helped you, because your second stint has been turning out to be as good as the first one?

KR: It hasn’t really done anything. I was pretty happy to go and do something else for a while, did some racing and I’m enjoying it again. It’s the same places – OK, there are some new circuits and places to come to this year and a new team, but apart from that, Formula One hasn’t changed and it’s exactly the same. For me, nothing’s really changed. People always talk about where I was last time, that I didn’t have the motivation but I thought I drove better than I ever drove in the last year; it was just that we had a pretty bad car at that time. Nothing has really changed for me. (more…)


Kimi: this year is a different story to 2007


Kimi Raikkonen believes the current competitiveness of his Lotus team means a 2007-style, last-ditch turnaround to help him win the title is unlikely.

Although the lessons of 2007, when he won the final two races to steal the title from Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso at the last event, mean he is not ruling out a repeat surprise, he is staying realistic about what is achievable.

“Of course we have a chance still, but it is a different life to 2007,” he said in India on Thursday.

“We had a car [in 2007] we knew we could win all the races, and right now we are not the fastest car so we need more help to really win it.

“But we will keep trying and hopefully we can achieve it. We try until there is no chance, but it is a different situation. If we can improve in the next few races then we will see what happens.”

As part of an upgrade push by Lotus, both Raikkonen and team-mate Romain Grosjean will run with the Coanda effect exhausts in India, as well as further front wing aero improvements.