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What will Kimi do next: Makia Racing deal

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Makia is a Finnish clothing brand and have been sponsoring Kimi Raikkonen for nearly a year since returning to Formula 1. This video is was released on after the countdown ended.

Kimi is an official ambassador modelling for Makia Racing – a new clothing line, an Iceman inception. Congratulations!


Makia Racing

Finland has a long history in automobile racing. From rallying on frozen lakes to doing circles around the local grill stand, driving is in our DNA. We simply couldn’t run from our destiny any longer and so Makia Racing was born. Without limiting to any specific motorsport, it is our vision of racing inspired clothes that can be worn at all times, on or off the road. To give the project a little kickstart we went after the most talented and interesting driver on the planet, and now that the contract is signed, we are proud to present you MAKIA RACING.