Gangnam Style to Iceman Style

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Here’s a Kimi Raikkonen version of the global dance hit Gangnam Style by Korean popstar Psy, who will be performing this weekend at the Korean Grand Prix.

7 thoughts on “Gangnam Style to Iceman Style

  1. Just Kimi version?Sweet! 🙂
    Kimi has so many fans on Far East.


  2. Haha that was awesome video!


  3. amongst many drivers that participating in F1, PSY chose to be Kimi. LOLs.


  4. Its amazing how much Kimi is still so popular. And in the Far East, he is still the most popular racing driver of them all. I hear that Kimi is Psy’s idol.


  5. Somehow I don’t believe, that it is Kimi there dancing.


  6. I feel So much motivated now for Korean GP….Hoping for Kimi’s win or at least 3rd Finish…Couldnt believe he is that much popular in Korea & Japan… 🙂 🙂 🙂 … He is going to get the biggest support than other champions…


  7. Good luck Kimi, at least you have all the support from Koreans and Psy.


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