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Gangnam Style to Iceman Style

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Here’s a Kimi Raikkonen version of the global dance hit Gangnam Style by Korean popstar Psy, who will be performing this weekend at the Korean Grand Prix.


Kimi: “How do I learn a new circuit? I drive it”


After another battling drive to clinch P6 in Japan, Kimi faces the rare challenge of an unknown circuit as the Formula 1 circus rolls on to Korea. Is the Iceman phased ? Not a chance…

Q: What are your thoughts heading to a new track ?

KR: I’ve never been to Korea, but it doesn’t make a difference for me. Since I was very young I have always been able to pick up circuits very quickly. This has not changed.

Q: What do you do to learn a new circuit ?

KR: I drive it. I know some drivers work hard in simulators to learn a new circuit, but they are not for me. I have never played the Playstation or spent too much time in the simulator and it doesn’t seem to have affected my performance in the past. We have three hours practice on Friday and a further one hour before qualifying on Saturday so all the drivers will know the circuit very well.

Q: Are you looking forward to visiting a new country ?

KR: It’s always interesting to race at a new venue and I enjoy going to different places. It gives me a good feeling. It is exciting to be going there for the first time and to start work by walking around the circuit and checking all the corners. I’ve seen a Korean Grand Prix on TV, but we’ll have to wait until the first laps of FP1 on Friday to get to grips with the circuit. Hopefully we will have normal weather there and will not miss any track time on Friday because of rain or technical issues.

Q: What’s your approach for the weekend ?

KR: I will approach Yeongam the same way I approach every race – with the intention of going there to do my very best.