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Video: Japan GP – Kimi’s lightning reaction

This deserves a whole new post! We didn’t see it live during the race but thankfully Anthony Davidson goes through the moment in detail, where Kimi and Lewis Hamilton came wheel to wheel, and the Iceman shows how to race hard but fair. An example of spatial awareness and reaction in combat. Enjoy!


Hamilton: Kimi is a very fair, fantastic driver


“We had a bit of a battle,” Hamilton said. “We have got lots of history me and Kimi so I felt he was good through the first corner. You know he is very, very fair.

“A fantastic driver so I am glad I had a fight with him.

“The tyres weren’t going off I was still fine,” he added. “That lap that I came in the last time, when I was racing with Kimi, I said to the team ‘my tyres are fine, I want to continue,’ but they wanted to bring me in.

“It was obviously the right call though, we had a good battle with Kimi in the first corner. The guys did a fantastic job in the pitstops, just a little bit strange car behaviour this weekend.”