Sunday in Singapore: “hoping for step forward in Japan”


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P6 in the Singapore Grand Prix sees Kimi maintain P3 in the Drivers’ Championship with six races to go. Was there more to be taken from the Marina Bay Street Circuit this evening? The Iceman gives us his view…

Q: Kimi, another battling performance; how was it for you out there?

KR: After the result in qualifying today’s race was not too bad. We couldn’t get the new tyres working properly yesterday which meant we were well off the pace, but it was much better in the race. We lost a bit of time with a few things today but then had some good luck with other cars not finishing the race so I guess it balances out.

Q: Is P6 the best the car was capable of today, or do you think more could potentially have been achieved?

KR: I think we had a chance to do a bit better. We weren’t quick enough to be fighting for the podium but the first safety car didn’t help us and maybe we could have gained an extra place without that. We were definitely faster than Michael [Schumacher] and Nico [Rosberg] but we ended up stuck behind them for most of the race which was frustrating as you can’t get the best out of the car when you’re so close to the back of someone. It’s so hard to overtake here that you have to rely on passing people in the pit stops or on someone making a mistake..

Q: Suzuka is up next; what are your thoughts heading to the next round?

KR: We’re still third in the Championship but we’ve got some improvements to make for the next races to be fighting with the cars in front. Hopefully we can make a step forward in Japan and take it from there.

1 thought on “Sunday in Singapore: “hoping for step forward in Japan”

  1. Ehhh…I seriously start to doubt Lotus ability. This is a third race in a row they don’t have capable car. It starts to look like they all talk now. Seems like they are loosing development race big time. It was very frustrating to be stuck behind Mercedes, again. And this time they didn’t even manage to finish in front of them. Disappointing.

    Good job on Romain and especially Kimi for sticking around, didn’t look good for Kimi at some point. And I though Romain was gonna let Kimi by on restart, but it got a bit close 🙂

    Come on LOTUS!!!!!!!!! Device or no device, car need to get back in shape, this is not good enough!!!


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