Saturday in Spa – “Race will be a different story”


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Promoted one position to P3 after a penalty for Pastor [Maldonado], Kimi will start tomorrow’s Belgian Grand Prix from the clean side of the track and with pole sitter Jenson Button firmly in his sights…

Q: Kimi, P3 on the grid for tomorrow’s race ; are you satisfied with that ?

KR: We’d like to be nearer the front but the most important thing right now is that we’ve qualified ahead of the guys we’re fighting in the Championship which is positive. If we can get more points than them that will be the first step and we’ll see where we go from there.

Q: Give us your view on qualifying ?

KR: It hasn’t been the easiest day. The car was ok but it just doesn’t look like we have the speed of some of the other teams. The final part of qualifying was not so great ; for some reason I was getting quite a lot of understeer but I think we did more or less the best we could.

Q: Are you confident that the pace is there in the car to improve on your grid position ?

KR: The gap to the guys in front was quite big in Q3 so we’ve got some work to do overnight to find those last few tenths, but the race will be a different story so let’s see what happens.

Q: Finally, how are you feeling ahead of tomorrow’s race ?

KR: We’ve seem mixed up grids many times this year but the race is what matters and we’ve seen some good battles this season with people starting out of position. We’ll just have to see how things to tomorrow.

Video: BBC – On track with Kimi and Eddie Jordan

1 thought on “Saturday in Spa – “Race will be a different story”

  1. great news for kimi fans is he’ll start on clean side of the track right behind jenson button 🙂


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